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What does this actually mean?

Received this back from Hertfordshire Police in response to submitting an anti-social driving complaint which was followed by a request to submit camera footage. Am I being a bit paranoid that this response arrived within an hour of the video upload? Does this mean that one of the options listed will be the actual response, or a possible response along with "Do nothing"?

Would it be worth some bright eyed investigative newshound submitting an enquiry to Herts Police and others as part of understanding where our video submissions end up?


Thank you for the submission of your footage, we have now reviewed the footage and will be taking the most appropriate positive action, in relation to the incident you have reported.

These options include the following:

*Warning letter

*Course offer

*Points and fine


Due to the Data Protection Act 2018 we are unable to provide you with the exact outcome or action that your submission has generated. Further information about the Data Protection Act can be found at

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