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Whats your favorite E-Bike?

I was searching about e-bikes online and found that there are number of awesome e-bikes available all around the globe. Personally, I found Trek GT E-Bike from Triumph an amazing e-bike. Its overall styling and performanace is mind blowing. 


If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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Bigtwin | 2 months ago

I have the carbon Orbea Gain M30i with a speed dongle (which is good for around 20mph), and the range booster battery. I put some gravel bars and 32 tyres on it.  It's the mutt's nuts!

Gimpl | 2 months ago

Lime yes

Nerolab | 3 months ago

I was looking for an electric gravel bike and thought that the Boardman ADV8.9E looked like a great buy. Sadly I had a few issues with the first one and when it's replacement failed I swapped it for the analogue 9.0 which is a great bike. I still hankered after an e-bike and popped to my LBS to look at a Giant Revolt. Thye talked me out of it and suggested the Scott Solace, a bike rarer than a unicorn riding a rocking horse with hen's teeth (?!)

A few phone calls over a few days and they managed to track one down and what a bike it is! It uses the lightweight TQ motor, has huge 50mm tyres as standard on carbon rims and one of the best features - SRAM AXS etap gears! You can never be in the wrong gear with such instant precise shifting, hunting derailleurs a thing of the past.

Cycling to work is so much more fun allowing me to take some challenging off-road routes avoiding traffic and fumes and replacing with a broad grin. When you're on the road, it soaks up the dreadful potholes that blight our highways and it regularly takes me up to 40mph with a bit of gravity assistance.

It's really comfortable, ventures where my MTB would normally tread and is beautifully made. Range wise, I always leave it on the most powerful setting and usually see at least 40 miles out of the battery with that figure dropping to about 30 if mostly off-road trails are taken. I'm considering adding the range extender when they finally arrive early next year but so far it's not been required.

wtjs replied to Nerolab | 2 months ago
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I always leave it on the most powerful setting...

Yes, that's what they all do!

Steve K | 3 months ago

Tern GSD.  But then it is the only e-bike I have ever owned, and one of only two I have ever ridden.

mattw | 3 months ago
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Currently the one I've got.

Boardman Hybrid Team (lightly modded to add the bits they always miss off and a touring triple) with a Gruber Assist.

Anout 13 kg all in.

Oldfatgit | 3 months ago

Mine ...
Basso Vega with a Polini motor.
Great bike ... battery is good for over 100 miles in level 1 dynamic mode.
Polini have 3 modes ... Touring, Dynamic and Race, and each mode has 5 different levels of assistance, with Level 5 being programmable from the app.
In Level 5 and in Race, the motor provides 100% assistance from the moment you move - which is great for getting off the line at traffic lights in the city.
Has the normal restrictions of 15.5mph motor cut out.
Can take mudguards and panniers... I use it for normal road riding, commute and with a quick change of wheels, gravel riding.

My other bike is a Cannodale Synapse Neo 2 with the Bosch motor. Absolutely nothing wrong with it, fantastic bike ... riden over 10,000 miles on it... but compared to the Vega, its slow, heavy and unfortunately not as nice to ride. 😢

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