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Wheel upgrade - but is it worth given the age of my bike?

Hi all,

I am new to this forum and relatively new to road cycling.

Last year I purchased a BMC Granfondo GF01 Ultegra Di2 2013 via Ebay (I checked the sellers purchase invoice to ensure the bike was not stolen).

The bike happened to be in a 'as new' condition; the explanation I got from the seller was that he has not used it because of various medical / personal reasons (won't go into too much detail).

I want to buy carbon wheels for my rim brake GF01 and the cycle shop I normally use say that may be it is worth investing in a disc brake bike given the age of the bike.

My question is given the bike has low miles / kms compared to its relative age should I invest in the frame.

Is there something I can do practically like checking the frame to make sure it is not damaged or shows sign of excessive wear and tear etc.

The Di2 on my bike is Ultegra 6770 and so what I have been also told is that it will be expensive to fix the Di2 if it were to go wrong.

If I were to replace my bike my budget would be £3K and potentially next year (but given childcare costs etc it is looking more and more unlikely).  In the interim I was looking at alloy wheels.

Between Hunt RACE AERO WIDE WHEELSET and Mavic COSMIC ELITE UST CLINCHER which one should I choose.  There is difference in weight - 200gms and price £200 including tyres.  Hunt's are lighter and more expensive.

Any input will be very much appreciated.


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