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Workshop build

Looking to replace my shed in the next few months once avian flu has passed (currently being used to house our chicken flock) and it seems like a good opportunity to build a workshop. Looking for recommendations, initial thoughts are:

1. Electrical power - enough to run lights and potentially a heater, only to be used to extend working time in the winter months. Fed up working on my bike outside and running out daylight/getting rained on!

2. Tall enough to stand in

3. Permanent bike repair stand

4. Secure. Ground anchors?

5. Enough room to work easily on MTB and road bikes, with an eMTB on the horizon

6. Plenty of tool storage

7. Storage space for 4 bikes, 2 of which will be used regularly, the other two being seasonal use only and so can be hung with pedals/bars removed if needed for space. Possibly needing space for an e-trike too.

It would be easy enough to get planning permission for a high gable shed i think as it backs on to a converted garage with what must be a 12 foot gable at least. However, it will be up against the boundary though so keeping it below 2.5m will be easier. Also up against a hedge with a garden pond outside and north facing so I'm a bit concerned about condensation for the metal shed option. 

Budget - hmm, £5k perhaps? Looking for it to last ten years and happy to do annual maintenance on felt roof/painting it, etc. I have one eye on getting Cytech trained and setting up as a mechanic in semi-retirement as there's no LBS within ten miles now.

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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