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Youth road racing...gearing...

My son has just started road racing this year, and has actually done really well.
All had been going well until Saturday when we ran into a slightly overzealous comm...he said he was overgeared, he wasnt, we'd checked it over and over again and he's been fine at every other race he's done. ( I think the issue was they were getting the kids to do their own rollouts)
Anyways...he wasnt allowed to start on his bike, high limit screw plate snapped...long story. So I'm now thinking of getting him a youth cassette but looking at ratios I'm slightly bamboozled, he's youth a just now so 6.93 metres but will go up to junior at the start of nexr year so 7.93 metres then.
Hes on a 50 tooth at the front which ideally I diont want to change but I cant work out what cassette to get to get as close to those ratios as possible...
Any advice or experience from parents who I'm sure have gone through this would be much appreciated!


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