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Zipp303s bit of a game changer?

Just been looking at wheels for a new disc brake bike and looking at the new 303s how do other smaller brands compete? How do the bigger brands respond?
At RRP they look a stonking price for a 45mm deep rim with lifetime crash replacement and one of THE names in carbon wheels. Ok they are tubeless tyre only (you can run tubes though at a pinch), and not made in the USA.
A lot of the other brands at a similar level are more cash and some of the less well known ones are a little less but people would be more than happy to pay another £100 just for the warranty and name. Some of the Chinese wheel sellers are well reviewed by consumers/youtubers but not the traditional press and if you get caught for import taxes on a £700 wheelset from the more well known Chinese brands your nearly at the Zipp prices.

So do we think other bigger brands will be jumping on this and reducing prices buy coming up with a similar hookless rim.

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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