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Fixie Inc and Bionicon team up in the UK

German boutique brands to take the UK by storm?

Fixie Inc are best known in the UK as the makers of high-end  fixed bikes, but as we reported from Eurobike they're not just about singlespeeds.

Fixie's  range includes a 953 race bike and a 'crosser.  Up until now they have had a fairly low-key presence over here, but is all about to change because Fixie have teamed up with German adjustable geometry wizards Bionicon, and they're planning big things for the UK.

We spoke to Fixie Inc co-founder Recep Yeşil yesterday and he was very upbeat about the news. Effectively it means that Fixie has a UK rep responsible for showing the bikes to dealers and creating demand for the range. "We have a UK price list now", says Recep, "and we'll be going to dealers in the coming weeks. We think it's important that they can touch the bikes, test ride them. We want to find the right UK stores, and we're planning for long term growth. Mosquito have done a great job for us for the last two years and this will make it easier for them, too".

Bionicon and Fixie aren't obvious bedfellows, but they do have, according to their press release anyway, "A shared passion for bikes no matter what shape or style and a clear vision of what the perfect bike could be". Recep echoed these sentiments: "It's not about a certain type of bike. If you'd told me two years ago that we'd be making a road race bike, I wouldn't have believed you... and I'm sure we'll make an MTB at some point too, our roots are in the messenger community but also the MTB scene. We're too young to know what kind of company we are, but we're a company with ideas. Don't ask us what we'll do next!"

Here at we're certainly looking forward to seeing more of Fixie's esoteric machines over here, and we've joined the testing queue too... watch this space.

Speaking of which here's something very esoteric of theirs they showed us at Eurobike.


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