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Stunt rider encourages Exmouth students to cycle to school

Andrei Burton helps launch Sustrans Bike It Project

Extreme mountain bike stunt rider Andrei Burton, one of the world’s top ten mountain bike trials riders, will amaze Exmouth Community College students this week with his jaw-dropping skills in an extreme cycling stunt performance. The stunt show has been organised to celebrate the launch of the College’s Bike It project which is managed by Sustrans and sponsored by Devon County Council.

The project is geared towards encouraging Year 7 students aged between 11-12 to travel to school on two wheels rather than four. Recent surveys have shown that out of the 2,670 students that attend Exmouth College, less than three per cent cycle to school. It was also revealed that 42 per cent of year 7 students would like to start travelling to school by bike.

After the cycling stunt show, students will be invited to present their opinions on cycling to school which will later be discussed by student representatives during a cycle forum. With help from a Sustrans Bike It Officer, the students will develop an action plan on how to safely cycle to school.

Liz Kop, Sustrans Bike It Officer for Exeter said: “The Sustrans Bike It project provides a package of measures to encourage more students to cycle to school more safely, more often.

“Andrei is a world class rider with incredible bike skills and I’m confident that his stunt show will inspire students to take to their saddles and enjoy the many benefits of riding their bikes safely to and from Exmouth College.

“Over the past four years, Cycle Exeter and Sustrans Bike It have been working hard to promote cycling in the five secondary schools in Exeter and they are now seeing a cycling to school average of 20 per cent which is fantastic compared to the national average of two per cent. 

“With Exmouth’s sizeable college, excellent location and commitment to sustainable transport, I am sure we will see a huge increase in the number of children choosing their bikes in favour of motorized transport.”

Andrei, who is Devon County Council's Cycling Ambassador, said: “I'm really glad that I can use my skills to show pupils just how fantastic riding a bike can be. The really great thing about Sustrans' Bike It project is that young people discover cycling is not only loads of fun, but that it’s also a brilliant way of getting to school.”

Exmouth Community College students will also be benefiting from cycle training later this term, and special “Beauty and the Bike” health and beauty sessions to encourage more girls to cycle. New bike sheds have already been received by Exmouth College thanks to match-funding from Sustrans last summer.

Further information about Sustrans and Bike It visit

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