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Play for prizes all the way through the cycling season

The smell of embrocation and fear, the sound of gears being checked, freehubs spun and helmets clicked shut… this is it folks, we’re back racing! And this year we’ve teamed up with Wiggle to bring you a full season of Fantasy Cycling with prizes for every race, from our curtain opener, the Tour Down Under, right through to the last hurrah at the Tour of Beijing.

Introducing Fantasy Cycling with Wiggle

We’ve been beavering away through the off season and the game is back and better than ever. Fantasy Cycling with Wiggle will take in 26 competitions right through the professional season. All the Grand Tours will be there, of course, as well as a whole raft of supporting tours and classics. And, for the first time, women’s racing too: we’ll be covering the women’s World Cup series this year, nine races from March through to August.

Lots of great prizes to be won

Thanks to Wiggle we’ll have plenty of great prizes to give away, and this year there’ll be something to be won on every stage of every race! As well as that there’ll be prizes for the winners of each competition, and sometimes we’ll be giving prizes away just for turning up…

First competition: Tour Down Under

We’re kicking off with the Tour Down Under, which rolls out on Tuesday 21 January. That means that you have just over a week to study the form and make your picks. And here are the prizes that you can win:

Stage prizes – every stage winner gets a set of dhb triple lens sunglasses worth £29.99 -
Winner - Top dog gets a dhb kit bundle worth £500, loads of fresh new cycling gear from dhb’s current range
2nd - The runner up gets a dhb kit bundle worth £250
3rd - Third place nets you £125 worth of Lifeline products: lights, inner tubes, multitools and the like
Purist - Top purist gets a £125 Lifeline bundle too
Raffle - As well as that there’s the chance to win a prize just by entering a team. We’ll pick one player to receive a dhb kit bundle worth £100!

Get started now!

Head over to to join up. You need to be registered on to play.

Go premium: just £10 for the season.

There’s more reasons than ever to join the premium game this year! With prizes for every stage of every race this season there’s more chances to win, and we’ve added a bunch of extra features to premium:

Stage updates: we’ll email you after every stage to let you know how your team got on.

Team updates: if a rider in your team is removed from the roster (if they withdraw, or are disqualified during a race) then you’ll get notified so you can swap them out. Never start with a weakened team again.

New badges: we’ve redesigned the way the badges work so there’s a new set to play for with every competition. how many will you light up over the course of a season? we’ll keep a tally on your dashboard.

Dave is a founding father of, having previously worked on Cycling Plus and What Mountain Bike magazines back in the day. He also writes about e-bikes for our sister publication ebiketips. He's won three mountain bike bog snorkelling World Championships, and races at the back of the third cats.

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yland | 10 years ago

Great news. Great fun with this new badges.
BTW : note it's not "Tour Meditareneen" but "Tour Méditerranéen"  3

Super Domestique | 10 years ago

Great news.

cherrypicked | 10 years ago


jasonbrim | 10 years ago

Brace yourselves

lushmiester | 10 years ago


I'm no good at it but it is great fun and an antidote to rainy days and Mondays.

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