Cinelli - this bike could be called one of many things

Another acronym light (not) Italian bike, this time from Cinelli. Looks the dogs, in a not knowing when to stop with the crayons kind of way – a bit like the acronyms really. Cinelli top all their countrymen on that score by having so many acronyms and slogans on this bike that there doesn't seem to be room for a name… surely it's not the Cinelli “Pro best of” , but you wouldn't bet against it. Anyway, a no doubt significant amount of money gets you an integrated seatpost (which would seem to be the mark of a top-end Italian bike these days), Campag Super Record, Bora wheels, and Cinelli's RAM2 bars. Oh, and it's got Carbon Graphite Multifilaments too, so that's alright. Or maybe that's the name of the bike.

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