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Challenge launches Baby Limus cyclocross tyre

New all-rounder tyre added to Challenge’s cyclocross tyre range

The cyclocross season is well and truly upon us and so it’s a good time to talk about tyres. Italian tyre brand Challenge launched their new Baby Limus cyclocross tyre at Eurobike last month. It plug a gap in the company’s range between the mud-specific Limus and Chicane.

That means it should possess some of the cornering tenacity of the Limus but faster rolling in a straight line than that tyre, with more grip than the semi-slick Chicane. Really it does look like the ideal all-round tyre that should be suitable to all but the muddiest riding conditions.

The Baby Limus borrows the Y-shaped shoulder knobs of the mud-specific Limus, and combines them with a centre tread section consisting tightly spaced shallow knobs. Smaller knobs provide a transition between the centre tread and shoulder knobs.

Above pic: Limus on the left, new Baby Limus on the right.

The new tyre is available only in a 33mm width with the same casing specifications and options as the other tyres in the Challenge range, so expect a SuperPoly 300 tpi casing option and a more expensive Team Edition Corespun choice with a higher 320 tpi casing.

Pricing hasn’t been confirmed yet but expect prices similar to current Challenge tyres. More at

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