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Video round-up: Cycling on the edge - railings, roads, and rollers

There's often a thin line between safety and danger in cycling - this video round-up rides that line...

That rush of adrenaline that courses through your veins when a speeding car whistles past your handlebars, or you hit pothole on a steep descent, is an experience that almost all cyclists can relate to.

We've had a number of videos that accurately portray these sort of situations over the years on, and here are some more.

If riding along a railing that's little wider than your tires doesn't give you palpatations, how about a couple of obscenely close passes on small English lanes, flying along at ridiculous speeds in the middle of a peloton somewhere in Belgium, or being physically jostled off of a set of rollers?

There's a thin line between success and failure, as well as between safety and injury. These guys are riding it:


Could you ride a road bike over a rail?

Road bike freestyler Vittorio Brumotti risks injury, potential death, and of course his pride, as he cycles along a railing barely wider than his bike’s tyre width.

Brumotti undertakes this challenge as part of a TV series titled ‘World’s Most Talented.’ on WATCH which pits contestants from around the world against each other in a talent show.


Team Rhino - Roller Tricks Anthology part II

If you're a regular round-up reader you may remember our Idaho-based friends Team Rhino Rush, whose roller battles video hit the site last month.

In this round-up we see them demonstrating some more roller skills - colour us even more impressed.


Riding a continental bike race

It takes a certain sort of commitment to enter into the lifestyle of a professional cyclist. That's before you've even sat on a saddle, thigh-to-thigh, with 30 or 40 other blokes, flying along at close to 30 miles per hour.

It's often difficult to imagine what that must be like, but we think this video does a pretty good job.


Obscenely close pass by Ford Fiesta and a near miss on Lancashire lanes


The above two videos have been sent in by users, and demonstrate the very real risks of riding on back roads in the UK.

On such narrow lanes, cyclists have to put so much trust in the drivers who fly past, unfortunately, some of these drivers - as you can see in the videos above - don't take this responsibility very seriously.


Jeff Herbertson - Final Sessions at Post Office

Finally, we give you a farewell video to a set of dirt jumps in Aptos, California. It's always sad to see community facilities sacrificed to other developments, but the tributes that have flooded in make it clear that even though the jumps are gone, the impact that they had on the people in the area lives on.


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