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Wiggle offering 30-day test rides on Verenti and Focus bikes through March

Plus two week test rides of Mavic, Fulcrum, Zipp and Easton wheels

Wiggle have long been offering a seven-day test ride on bikes in their range, the idea being that you get to ride your new steed for a week and if the first date doesn't work out you can send her packing and get a full refund. They'll even pick the bike up for free. Well, to celebrate the launch of the new Verenti Range the chaps at Wiggle have extended the test period on Verenti and Focus models to a whole month.

Yup, a whole month risk-free test ride. "We would like those shopping for a new bike to consider buying a bike online, without all the pitfalls of choosing the wrong size, or feeling it’s a risk buying a bike brand they are not familiar with", they tell us, "especially with Focus and our brand new range of Verenti bikes. We hope a 30 day test ride policy will encourage those who are considering a new bike to give one of our brands a go. After all, if you don’t like the bike we even collect it from you free of charge and refund every penny."

Fancy trying a £2500 Focus Izalco for a month? Cash up front, mind!

Thomas as Wiggle told us that the offer extends to the entire Verenti and Focus ranges. We're guessing that most of the interest will be in bikes like the Verenti Millook (£1200) and lower-spec Rhigos models, as well as the mid range Focuses (Foci?) such as the excellent Cayo range, but in theory there's nothing to stop you maxing out your credit card and trying out a six grand Team Milram Special or, for that matter, testing the commuting capabilities of a £450 Focus Arriba hybrid.

For the new Verenti range head to

For Wiggle's full range of Focus bikes visit

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