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Isaac recall all 2004-2009 bikes

Remedial work needed to fix potentital fork steerer failure

Isaac have issued a voluntary recall on all complete bikes and framesets made since 2004 after discovering that certain stem and spacer combinations can cause the fork steerer to fail.

If you've got a post-2003 Isaac, you need to take it to your dealer who'll be able to check for signs of damage and also fit a new expander to the steerer.

Other recommendations include:

  • Profile Lava 3D stems to be replaced by a compatible stem
  • FSA OS99 stems with an inner collar (where the clamp meets the main stem tube) measuring less than 5mm need to be replaced
  • Max 30mm of spacers beneath the stem, and a max stem clamp height of 45mm.
  • assembly instructions from the manuals at must be adhered to when rebuilding the bike

Download the PDF below for more information. If you own an Isaac and you have any questions, contact your local dealer.


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