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Video round-up: Pro rider breaks arm + bad driving bonanza

Dutch cyclist snaps his arm at National Time Trial + the most dastardly collection of road users we’ve ever seen on the site

It’s not often you see quite so much reprehensible road usage in one place. So, if you haven’t got the stomach for injuries, crashes, and bad language look away now.

Good, some of you stuck around. Right, for starters, we’ve got a possible ‘broken’ record for the shortest time trial attempt ever from Remco Grasman who fell off the starting podium and injured himself quite severely.

Then, the ‘fun’ starts. It’s bad driving galore in this video round-up. To start, we have a cyclist in the red zone smashing into a parked car, followed by a nasty driver who blames a cyclist after knocking him over, a red van ploughs through road furniture to avoid a collision, a rude cyclist feels the full force of karma and the pavement, plus a couple of fantastic cycling-themed adverts at the end.


Pro cyclist falls from TT podium and breaks his arm

Remco Grasman’s bid to win the Dutch National Time Trial came to a premature end yesterday as he fell from the time trial starting podium in Emmen.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the Dutchman couldn’t catch himself during the protracted fall, until he caught the pavement below, twisting and breaking his arm.

We wish him a speedy recovery.

Cyclist in the ‘zone’ smashes into parked car

We’ve all been there, dangerously close to the red zone as we’re nearing the end of a long hard ride. We’re not sure if it’s an aerodynamic boost, or just a psychological one, but lowering your head and staring at your front wheel certainly eases the pain.

It’s always advisable to check what’s in front of you before taking your eyes off the road though. In fact, we’d advise that you don’t to take your eyes off the road at all, if you can help it.

This cyclist didn't head that advice, and subsiquently his brief venture into the red zone ended pretty brutally, so much so that we’re not sure his bike was particularly roadworthy afterward. His face looked fairly banged-up too. Ouch.


Driver shouts at cyclist he's just knocked down

It’s often strange how some people justify their actions, especially when they’re behind the wheel.

Here we have an incident in which a cyclist is knocked off his bike after navigating a particularly strange bit of temporary road marking. The debate is reasonably open as to who - the cyclist or the driver - followed the suggested driving route through the unmarked bit of road correctly. However, the answer for the question ‘who is to blame for the collision?’ lies reasonably firmly with the driver.

The couple in the car didn’t really see it that way though. Following the driver’s initial aggressive confrontation with the cyclist, who was still picking himself up off the road, the female passenger starts explaining her somewhat strange outlook on the incident. Here are some of her choice quotes.

“[This wouldn’t have happened] if you didn’t have your hand on my car scaring me and my pets.”

“You’ll have to move [the car] I’m not having the dog sat there being victimised by you.”

“Don’t take my picture, it’s illegal, data protection says that you can’t do that until the police are present.”


Van overtaking cyclist ploughs through traffic cones

More strange road furniture, and more bad driving.

Fortunately this time nobody gets knocked off their bike, but it’s a close call.

Reckless cyclist swears at driver and crashes

Road rage is rarely the answer, especially if you’re still moving.

This cyclist learned the hard way that reckless riding mixed with antagonistic behaviour rarely end well.

Some people might stipulate that the way this video ends has a dash of karma to it.

Scottish cyclist berates police officers for idling in bus lane

We’ll often find old videos that have laid dormant for years before someone somewhere picks them up and sends them ‘viral’. This is one of them:

This confrontation between a cyclist and a pair of police officers came about after the rider accused the officers of breaking the law by banging on their window as his cycled past them idling in a bus lane.

The article, which featured in the Daily Record was cleared up with a quick call to the local police force.

They said: “The video footage in question was taken over two years ago and involves officers who, at that time, worked within Lothian & Borders Police.

"The vehicle was legally permitted to be within the bus lane at that time of the day and there was no intrusion into any cycle paths. No complaint was received in relation to this matter, or the officers in question.”

Shed the monster - ride a bike

Cycling is about more than exercise. It’s a lifestyle choice that lifts your mood and gets you out of the house and out of your stressful little world, even for a few minutes. At least that’s what this film from cycling charity PeopleForBikes is trying to tell us.

The advert’s director Evan Fry told Ad Week that although it sounds corny and pretentious “ever since I was a little kid, cycling in one form or another has been my therapy, my church, my athletic pursuit, my trusted friend and my main vehicle for growth."

We feel you Evan.

Life on a bike - courtesy of La Redout

Finally, womenswear retailer La Redoute recently released this charming advert which depicts a woman’s life through the things she’s experienced in the saddle.

You’ll see her life go full circle as she rides - stabiliser assisted - down her garden path as a child, through her wobbly adolescence, on to her tandem romance, and finally to her releasing her own daughter down the garden path on two wheels.

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paulfrank | 9 years ago

Did anyone else think the "Impatient Driver" was Micky Flanagan? Just for a second? Never seen such a cockney walk  24

arowland | 9 years ago

Everyone is ready to mock the cyclist in the third video, and it is true that we don't know whether the cyclist signalled -- didn't seem to check over the shoulder -- or how close the following car was at the time. But there were two bikes in a bike lane that is totally sub-standard, not being wide enough to accommodate a single bike's envelope, and which goes through a pinch point where no car should attempt to overtake a cycle. If the lane had been a proper width, it would have been more likely that the driver would have recognised that there was insufficient space and not attempted to overtake, whereas the narrow lane sends the message that that is all the room cyclists need.
If the cyclist had pulled out safely to take the lane through the hazard, it would have been the right thing to do.
The following car then honked the cyclist, causing the rider to be distracted and crash.
So while the cyclist's sloppiness riding in traffic and confrontational attitude contributed to his own downfall, there is a more serious point here about conflict caused by substandard infrastructure, especially the pinch point that is in the critical width zone.

Bob's Bikes | 9 years ago

The stupidity of people always amazes me the woman in the second video claims it's illegal to take pictures then uses her phone to take a picture of the cyclist.  35

The third video (instant karma) only one thing to say....HA HA HA

Colin Peyresourde | 9 years ago

"Where is the bus? There's no f**king bus!" - brilliant. Love it.

Though knocking on the window and quoting traffic laws at policemen is a Bolshe move which is bound to end up wasting your time. Just post it and report it.

thx1138 | 9 years ago

Did the woman in the 'impatient driver' video accuse the cyclist of scaring her and her pet? Thats what it sounded like. I assume she was referring to her fella....

She'd have been a lot more scared if that had been me she knocked off!

Colin Peyresourde | 9 years ago

There's a lesson to be learned by that cyclist who sticks his fingers up and that is to look over your shoulder before overtaking. He probably didn't deserve to be beeped, but he had no idea how close that car was behind him when he made that manoeuvre.

The second one is to make sure you know where you're going.

Colin Peyresourde | 9 years ago

Goodness that is bad break. One can only imagine that he has had decalsification of his bones to break so spectacularly. Just can't figure why he didn't set off.?!?!?

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