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CycleOps offers turbo trainer trade-in deal

Get free computer and sensor worth £120 when you trade-in old trainer and buy new one from CycleOps

Cycleops is offering you a free Joule Cycle Computer and Speed sensor combo worth £120 if you trade in your existing turbo trainer and buy a new one from its range. Don’t own a turbo? We have a sly scheme (see below) to take advantage of the offer anyway.

The deal is this: you need to take your existing turbo trainer – it can be from any brand and be in any condition – into a participating bike shop between now and 30 November 2015 (while stocks last) and buy a new CycleOps turbo: Magneto (£225), SuperMagneto (£300), JetFluid Pro (£325), SuperMagneto Pro (£335) or Fluid2 (£285).

As well as your new turbo trainer, you’ll get a CycleOps Joule cycle computer (ANT+ compatible) and a speed sensor worth £120. The Joule computer is designed for cyclists who use power measurement as the basis for training.


But what if you don’t have a turbo trainer to trade-in? Well, there’s nothing to top you from getting one cheap and trading that in. As long as you pay less than £120 – the value of the free Joule Cycle Computer and Speed sensor combo you’ll get – you’re still onto a winner.

The obvious places to buy a cheap turbo trainer are ebayGumtree and Freecycle, or you can check out the classified ads

Go to ebay and there are plenty of turbo trainers with a starting bid price of 99p, and ‘buy it now’ prices from £29.95.

Another alternative is to use the comments below this article to buy/sell turbo trainers. Does anyone have one they want to offer for sale?

All of the CycleOps turbo trainers listed above are compatible with CycleOps’ VirtualTraining virtual bike training software to make your sessions both more effective and more interesting.

We’ve reviewed the CycleOps Fluid 2 turbo trainer (main pic) here on and we were really impressed. We concluded, “Great turbo trainer… build quality and performance justify the price tag.”

The Magneto – CycleOps’ £225 turbo trainer – offers progressive resistance, and the fact that the resistance is provided by magnets means that it’s quieter than most other trainers out there.

For more info go to

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tailwind10 | 8 years ago

The smart money is on a smart trainer nowadays. I don't see the value in these over a Tacx Satori/Vortex/Bushido smart.

davecochrane replied to tailwind10 | 8 years ago
tailwind10 wrote:

The smart money is on a smart trainer nowadays. I don't see the value in these over a Tacx Satori/Vortex/Bushido smart.

Exactly. I'd never buy another "dumb" trainer - I've got a Jet Fluid Pro and the next one I get will be either the new Tacx direct mount one, or a Kickr.

fustuarium | 8 years ago

Humm . I was just thinking this one through.

I've got a cheap turboand use trainer road at least a couple of times a week, so should be the target customer but:

What does a new turbo improve over my current one? Beyond being a different colour.
I've already got a head unit that can read power.
Therefore, money would be better spent on a power meter.

The Joule is a carrot but I cant see what type of bunny would be attracted to it.

KirinChris | 8 years ago

The flaw in this circle is that if you don't have a power meter device then the Joule is just an overspecced cycle computer.

And if you do already have a power meter and don't have a computer that reads it then you're an idiot and should be playing golf.

I guess you could use the turbo and speed sensor to get virtual power from something like Zwift but that's hardly something to base your training on.

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