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#mycyclingweekend - Autumn's here, how's your ride changing?

Are you sticking with your summer jersey? Are you avoiding attaching your mudguards? Has your winter bike emerged from exile?

As long as it's not raining, crisp autumn mornings can be some of the best riding conditions of the year. This change of season isn't always that positive, and changes in the weather certainly alter the way we approach our rides.

Admittedly it's felt like autumn has been here since early August. Rain jackets came out in their hundreds, and the simultaneous scramble to attach mudguards to bikes for morning commutes was almost audible.

Throughout that time however, we did remain hopeful that the rain would blow over and we'd be treated to a few more weeks of summer before its inevitable end.

The optimists among you will be calling for an Indian summer, stoic in the hope that the end is still a little way off. Unfortunately, according to astronomical measurements, autumn officially ended on Wednesday.

Surprise! You've already had three days of autumn.

What we want to know is how your rides are changing now that the weather is. Surely it's not all about kit - although we imagine many of you will be digging out your mudguards, insulated jerseys, arm warmers, buffs, winter training bikes, cycling mitts, and shoe covers before long.

Is your route going to change? Maybe your usual country lanes will be a bit too treacherous in the ice, perhaps the more efficient main road route will be unrideable with spray from thundering lorries, maybe you'll head over a hill to catch a particularly good view of sunrise or sunset if your starting or finishing work particularly early or late.

Let us know about any changes that you've made, or that you're anticipating making to your ride now we're officially in autumn.

It's the same drill as always. Share your photos in the comments section of this piece, or ping us a photo on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the #mycyclingweekend hashtag visibly attached.

This weekend is set to stick to the high teens in terms of temperature, and you're due to stay dry - so if you're not planning on fixing mudguards to your steed just yet, and if the insulated jerseys and wind vests are staying in the wardrobe, at least send us a snap of your ride!

Here are some photos we were sent during the week for inspiration:





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1tal | 8 years ago

Already broke one winter bike frame this month, rebuilt an old Racelight T, rode it for the 1st time this morning did 70 mile went OK.

Boopop | 8 years ago

Woo a photo of my club! Shame I can't see it  2

Leviathan | 8 years ago

Its not the Autumn, it is the last best weekend of the summer, enjoy the double digits whilst they last.

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