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Great cycling deals on Sidi shoes, a BTwin bike + more

The DealCatcher's found 76% off a maintenance bundle, 33% off Sidi Wire Carbon shoes & 21% off a BTwin...

The DealCatcher's back with a scintillating set of price-sliced cycling bargains today, including a pair of Sidi shoes, a BTwin bike, and a bundle from the guys over at BuyaBike.

We start the day's deals with a pair of road cycling shoes that we loved. We reviewed the Sidi Wire Carbon Vernice shoes in their summer suited vented iteration back in October, we gave them a nine out of ten.

Now they've had a third of their price sliced away. 

We've also stumbled across a BTwin bargain from the deal merchants over at Decathlon.

It's not often that the French sporting good retailer discount their bikes, because they already represent such fantastic value for money - but that hasn't stopped them whacking a massive 21% discount on their Mach 740 racers.

Finally you'll see that we've found a bike maintenance bundle over at BuyaBike which has seen 76% of its retail price cut.

Where's your wallet? You're gunna need it.


Vanilla Bikes

33% off Sidi Wire Carbon Vernice Road Shoes
WAS £300.00 | NOW £199.00


Now, these are slightly different shoes to the ones we gave an incredible 4.5 stars to back in October.

That said, there aren't a huge number of differences between these Sidi Wire Carbon Vernice Shoes and their Wire Carbon Air Vernice shoe brothers.

If the vents are there to keep your feet cool and fresh in the summer months, these babies should keep you cycling comfortably through the winter - maybe with a little help from an overshoe.

You can read our review of these by clicking the link below, but know that our man Dave Arthur thought the fit was "supreme", along with the comfort and stiffness on offer.

At this price, you won't find better.

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21% off BTwin Mach 740 Carbon Road Bike
WAS £1400.00 | NOW £1100.00

BTwin Mach 740.jpg

Decathlon don't often offer discounts on their incredible range of BTwin bikes, when they do, you ought to sit up and listen.

We love BTwin bikes and gear here If you were paying attention last year you'll remember that we awarded the BTwin Triban 500 SE our budget bike of the year, and commuting bike of the year.

While the Mach 740 is in a totally different, significantly racier, bracket to the Triban, it's still made in the same factory, with the same love, attention, and incredible value.

The Mach 740 runs Campagnolo's Athena groupset,  Campagnolo Kamshim wheels, and carries it all on BTwin's Mach Evo Power full-carbon frame.

The whole outfit weighs in at just over 8kg.

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76% off Bicycle maintenance bundle
WAS £29.50 | NOW £9.95

Buyabike bundle.png

Finally, if you're after value for money, this is the deal for you.

A massive 76% discount has been made on this collection of goodies that will help you maintain your bike's wellbeing through the winter months.

Muc-Off's MO 94 multi-use lubricant spray - which we reviewed and gave a solid 7/10 to - opens the deal.

- Read more :'s Muc-Off MO 94 multi-use spray review 

Then there's a tool to help you with one of the nastier winter jobs - cleaning your chain - and a multi-tool from Minoura.

For this much money, you'll do better to find a deal that gets you  any more value.


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Dnnnnnn | 8 years ago

"It's not often that the French sporting good retailer discount their bikes". You sure about that...?!

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