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Police to crack down on red light jumping cyclists in Stoke

A number of junctions to be targeted where the practice is perceived to be a problem

Staffordshire Police have said they are planning to crack down on cyclists who jump red lights in the city. A number of junctions will be monitored by officers who say those who ignore the rules of the road are putting their lives in danger.

The Stoke Sentinel reports that Staffordshire Police typically give a verbal warning to cyclists caught transgressing, although there is also the possibility of a £50 fine.

Should cyclists be allowed to run red lights?

Junctions to be monitored include Lime Kiln lights on the outskirts of the city centre; Victoria Street and Shelton New Road in Hartshill; and Leek Road and Station Road in Stoke.

PC Terry Dunn said: "Although I have received a complaint regarding cyclists going through red lights in Victoria Street I have seen it elsewhere as well. Some will go on the pavement to avoid the red light whereas others will just go straight through. They are putting their own lives at risk and could cause a collision."

Local charity cyclist, Laura Porter, said that jumping red lights ‘wasn’t worth the risk’.

"I ride my bike in the same way I drive – by obeying the laws of the road. It's important cyclists remember that they are not protected by metal casing when they are in a car, which makes it harder to believe some of things I have seen them do. Going through red lights is just not worth the risk as they could get themselves killed or leave themselves with life-changing injuries."

Only one West Midlands cyclist a year charged with red light jumping

Yvonne Gilligan, Sustrans’s regional director for the West Midlands, said: "People on bikes, like all road users, should of course obey traffic laws and we are keen to work with the police to help promote good behaviour for all vehicles."

Cycling campaigners in London recently advocated the implementation of the ‘Idaho Law’ which allows cyclists to treat red lights as stop signs and proceed if the way is clear. Four of the main candidates to become the next mayor of London are reportedly considering doing so.

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