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Great cycling deals on Garmin pedals, a BTwin jacket & shoes

Two of today's DealCatcher deals scored 9/10 when they were in for review + a 78% shoe discount...

Today's a fantastic day for those of you who are after great deals on great products. The DealCatcher's come crawling back into the office with two deals on products we've given 9/10 ratings for, as well as a pair of shoes which have seen an incredible 78% discount.

First of our two 9/10 rated products are Garmin's Vector 2 Keo Dual Pedals. These'll measure your power output, record all sorts of useful bits of data, and they work really well too - they've also had their price lowered by a quarter over at Hargroves Cycles.

After that we've got the biggest discount of the day. Over at Chain Reaction Cycles their range of Diadora Mig Racer Road Shoes have had their asking priced slashed from £229.99 down to £49.99. That's a 78% disocunt.

Finally, over at Decathlon you can get your hands on a fantastic reversible urban cycling jacket which we fell in love with when it came in for testing. The BTwin 500 Padded Urban Jacket has also seen a 43% discount, making it's 9/10 rating seem even more appealing.


Hargroves Cycles

25% off Garmin Vector 2 Keo Dual Pedals
WAS £1199.00 | NOW £899.99


So, you've stepped up your cycling game this year. But you'd like a little bit more information about how to improve further. Those Strava segment times aren't tumbling at quite the rate you'd hoped.

Well, fortunately for you, there's a way of eeking a whole lot more information out of every one of your rides, and it starts with changing your pedals.

The Garmin Vector 2s work alongside an ANT+ device to keep track of a crazy amount of data which should help you to improve your performance.

We reviewed these pretty thoroughly, and our man David Atkinson thought very highly of them - even highlighting how incredibly easy to use they are.

You can read that 9/10 review by following the link below.

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Chain Reaction Cycles

78% off Diadora Mig Racer CR Road Shoes
WAS £229.99 | NOW £49.99

Diadora Mig Racer Shoes.png

Performance road shoes are designed to be light, comfortable, well ventilated, and incredibly efficient.

We're all well aware - especially at this time of year - how detrimental uncomfortable feet can be to your enjoyment of a ride. A pair of performance shoes can be the difference between a comfortable successful ride, and a miserable waste of time.

This pair of Diadora Mig Racers are a performance pair of shoes, but at the moment they're flying in at a entry level price tag.

This incredible discount puts this pair of £229 shoes under the £50 price point.

The shoe's 'space frame' technology ensure breathability and comfort alongside stability and rigidity for excellent power transmission.

If you'd like a little bit more information about how to choose the perfect pair of performance road shoes for you, just follow the link below and check out our buyer's guide.

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43% off BTwin 500 Padded Urban Jacket
WAS £34.99 | NOW £19.99

BTwin 500 Padded Urban Jacker.jpg

Finally, here's BTwin's excellent all-purpose coat. It'll see you through chilly and windy urban commutes, trips down to the shop in frosty conditions, and will stave off the occasional surprise shower.

Our man Dave Atkinson was back again to review this one, and again he's praised it to the high heavens.

Throughout the review Dave praises the jacket for it's qualities in the cold, wet, and wind, while also making reference to it's incredible price tag.

That's when the jacket was selling for around £40. Now, at £20, if he didn't already own one, we imagine Dave would be straight on his bike down to Decathlon to snap one up.

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