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Great cycling deals on a 2016 Ridley, Giro socks + Cube bibs

Grab a 2016 Cyclocross bike, a pair of 1/2 price Coolmax socks, & Cube bib shorts at 40% off

The DealCatcher has another 2016 model bike for you in today's DealCatcher, alongside a cracking pair of Giro socks that have been reduced to half price, and a pair of Cube bib shorts.

The Ridley X-Bow 10 - which we reviewed at the end of last year - tops today's DealCatcher round-up. You'll be able to get 29% off of the versatile cyclocross bike over at Hargroves Cycles.

Second up are Giro's Coolmax High Rise Socks. These are another product that we've reviewed here at Our tech editor Mat Brett took them out for a spin and had a load of good things to say about them. You can read his full below further down.

Finally, check out Cube's Black Zero Bib Shorts, which are currently experiencing a 40% discount over at Leisure Lakes Bikes.


Hargroves Cycles

29% off Ridley's 2016 Ridley X-Bow 10 CX bike
WAS £1199.99 | NOW £849.99


Grab yourself a Belgian bargain here.

We've not seen too many 2016 model bikes reduced by 30% this early in the year, so this Ridley is something worth taking notice of especially if you're thinking about taking up cyclocross racing or commuting through muddy environments.

When we reviewed the X-Bow 10 our man Ed Mason said that it was a "good entry-level cyclocross racer that could easily be used to commute Monday-Friday."

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Cycle Surgery

50% off Giro Coolmax High Rise Socks
WAS £13.99 | NOW £6.99

Giro Coolmax High Rise Sock.jpg


These Giro socks are mad out of Coolmax material which is designed to keep your feet dry and feeling fresh when your feet are feeling toasty.

Hot feet aren't only a summer phenomenon. For some of us, simply bashing our way up a steep incline can result in something of a sweaty environment in our cycling shoes.

If you find that to be a problem, these socks are for you.

In the review below our tech editor Mat Brett walks you through the High Rise's pros and cons. He highlights the climate control value that you're getting from these socks.

He said that "fabric [does] a great job of shifting moisture away from your skin and drying out super-fast."

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Leisure Lakes Bikes

40% off Cube Black Zero Cyclinig Bib Shorts
WAS £149.99 | NOW £149.99


Finally, check out Cube's Black Zero bib shorts. At a 40% discount these bibs are a bit of a steal.

For your money you'll be getting a roughened, elasticated, silicone gripped bib shorts that do a fantastic job of staying exactly where you want them to be. Coupled with the contoured seams and rubber printed design features, these are a very professional-looking pair of shorts that feel as good as they look.

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Cube Shorts - Was £149.99, now £149.99.

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