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Videos: The danger of fixies + crashes, classics & Cav

Why fixies are the worst idea ever, the police use a cycle lane to skip traffic + gold for Cav & Wiggo

We know what you like here at Seriously, we do, we probably know you better than you know yourselves. We've got stats, market research, and experienced journalists who know exactly what you like.

Which is why we're kicking today's video round-up off with a compilation of crashes coupled with a bit of commentary as to why fixed gear cycling is the most dangerous fad in the world from a man with one of the most 'interesting' haircuts we've ever seen.

After that assault on your senses and deeply held beliefs about fixed gear cycling we've got a textbook example of why riding while you're distracted and only have one had on your handlebars is a terrible idea.

Then there's Mark Cavendish and Bradley Wiggins's World Championship Madison victory, another police approved potentially lifesaving use for segregated cycle lanes, a Spring Classics preview, a wonderful BMX shoot over in Barcelona, and a great insight into the preparations required for the toughest mountain bike stage race of the year.



Fixed gear cycling: the most dangerous fad in the world

Are you a fixie fanatic? Have you got 'skills to pay the bills'? If not, it may be time to put your flat handlebar, blacked-out, fixie in the shed for a while, or forever, because according to Youtuber CTFU Cycling Tips riding a fixed gear bike is 'the most dangerous fad on earth.'

A number of the clips in this vide support his claim, especially the rather nasty one at the end involving a big digger.

He also says you're an idiot if you don't wear a helmet.

We're not going to take sides here. You can make your minds up for yourselves.


Why you shouldn't ride one-handed

Over the last few years the government have pumped millions of pounds into educational adverts and programs to stop drivers driving while distracted, whether that's by mobile phones or other forms of in-car entertainment or interference.

No such initiative exists for cyclists, and if this video of a cyclist riding one-handed in America is anything to go by, there should be.


Mark Cavendish & Sir Bradley Wiggins win gold

In case you missed it this week, Sir Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish won their second world Madison championship as a pair.

This victory followed their victory in the competition eight years earlier.

We reported on the victory earlier in the week but didn't include the video. If you're after a bit more of a blurb check out Simon MacMichael's report below:

- Read more:'s Madison world championship report


Another fantastic use for cycle lanes

As cyclists, we find ourselves talking about the lifesaving nature of segregated cycle lanes all the time.

The main lifesaving feature of these cycle lanes is the separation of motorised vehicles and bicycles, so it's strange for us to be looking at a car using one of these segregated lanes as a positive thing.

But, when used sensibly, like this police officer does, segregated lanes give emergency services the opportunity to overtake inner-city stationary traffic and arrive at their destination much faster.


A Spring Classics preview with Trek-Segafredo

The Spring Classics are here.

We love them here at, especially Dave Atkinson who runs's fantasy cycling.

You know who else loves the Spring Classics? Pro team Trek-Segafredo, and here they explain why.


A stunning BMX shoot in Barcelona

Barcelona is a stunning city, of that there is no doubt. So when you couple that beauty with smooth panning shots, and fluid BMX tricks you're bound to be on to a winner.

Here BMX rider Brandon Semenuk and fim maker Rupert Walker create something truly stunning.


Preparing for the toughest MTB race of the year

Finally, Specialized's Inside Specialized Racing series takes a look at the toughest mountain bike stage race of the year, the Cape Epic in South Africa.

Here two time winner Annik Langvad describes her perperation for the event, which covers winter training in Denmar, and climate conditioning in Stellenbosch, South Africa. It all looks pretty grueling. 

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