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Motor magazine readers help police ID hit-and-run car

Car website Jalopnik asked its readers to help police identify the vehicle involved in a hit-and-run that left a cyclist seriously injured

Readers of an online car magazine have turned detective, helping police identify the vehicle involved in a serious cyclist hit-and-run, from just a fragment of headlight glass.

A woman in Bellevue, in Washington state, USA, was hospitalised with life-threatening injuries after being thrown 100 feet in a collision with a car, and the police had little to identify the vehicle – and its driver – aside from the headlight cover.

However, online car magazine, Jalopnik, came to the rescue, shared the image of the fragment, which looked to be just larger than a man’s hand, and asked its readers to play detective and help catch the culprit. 

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In an article Jalopnik writer, Jason Torchinsky, said: "Is there any group of people better at identifying cars from broken bits than Jalopnik readers? No. The answer is no.

"So, look carefully at that bit of clear plastic, and help catch the cowardly bastard who nearly killed someone and ran.

He added: "This is a tricky one, but I have faith".

After a few attempts by members of the public, police have thanked one Jalopnik reader for proving Torchinsky right, having correctly identified the vehicle as a 2013-15 Honda Accord.

Cyclist Andy Wright spotted the Jalopnik article, and shared it on Facebook.

He said: Although I love cycling stuff, I enjoy other sports too ... but I have a guilty secret, I love reading about cars!

“A bunch of car nuts pooling their nerdy knowledge to solve a hit and run crime committed against a cyclist. I find it quite moving.

"It's a good example of the reality that most people are good people trying to do the right thing.”

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