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Great cycling deals on Abus, Altura, & Orbea

The DealCatcher's got a big pile of bargains for you today including a 8/10 Orbea bike, an Abus lock, & an Altura jersey...

Following on from a toasty #mycyclingweekend, the DealCatcher's here to help you update your summer wardrobe, buy a new set of summer wheels, and keep your bike safe under the summer sun!

The DealCatcher's found deals from three retailers today - a summer Altura jersey from Evans Cycles; an Orbea Avant from Cycle Surgery; and an Abus bike lock from Hargroves Cycles.

The savings are big - up to 50% - and the products are great; all of them have received 8/10s or greater in their reviews.

If you're not sold on the Altura Gradient Jersey below - Evans have a huge number of summery short sleeve jerseys currently at 50% off. Check them out here.

But now it's time to tuck in and make a difference to your riding with the DealCatcher.


Evans Cycles

50% off Altura's Gradient Short Sleeve Jersey
WAS £39.99 | NOW £19.99

Altura Gradient Jersey.PNG

Summer's here. Well, kinda.

Warm weather's here at least, which means those long sleeved jerseys and baselayers are long gone. In their place are summery short sleeve jerseys.

If you're digging out some musty old boring short sleeved jerseys, can we advise you to think again? Might we interest you in Altura's great set of great looking jerseys; the Gradient range.

They come in black and blue and both options look clean and cool - they're also 50% off over at Evans.

We've reviewed plenty of Altura jerseys, but in terms of price point and functionality, this 8/10 Altura Podium Jersey is the closest item to the Gradient that we've reviewed - albeit far less fashionable.

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Cycle Surgery

30% off Orbea's 2015 Avant H60 Road Bike
WAS £650.00 | NOW £450.00

Orbea Avant.jpg

There's absolutely no better time to start cycling than the spring.

Good weather, and months of sun to explore the roads around you and get your legs up to speed.

If you're looking for a first road bike, or just a new set of wheels, Orbea's Shimano Claris running Avant could be the bike for you.

At £450 this aluminium endurance machine wil give you a comfortable and quick ride.

We reviewed the H60's big brother the M10 here at back in 2014. That Avant blew our tech editor David Arthur away. He said it made a case for being the "future of road bikes."

The significantly cheaper H60, while not offering the high-end componentry of its big brother, at least argues that it's certainly worth a place in your garage - especially at a sub-£500 price point.

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Hargroves Cycles

40% off Abus's U-Mini 40 Bike Lock
WAS £49.99 | NOW £29.99

Abus U-Mini 40 Lock.jpg

Finally, the days are getting warmer and longer, so the temptation to head out on your daily errands aboard a two-wheeled wonder machine rather than your car will be all the more tempting.

The thing about errand running on a bike is security. Keeping your bike adequately protected against theft can add significant weight to your load, and can often be clunky and inconvenient. And the options that aren't clunky, heavy, and inconvenient often aren't safe.

U-locks are a must, and Abus's U-Mini Lock series walk the line between security and convenience marvelously.

Abus have history here too. We reviewed their Granit X-Plus D Lock back in 2014 and loved it.

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