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#mycyclingweekend - Your scariest & worst punctures

You sent us photos of your worst punctures, and blimey you guys have had it hard! + the £50 tyre WINNER

Wow. You lot have either been very unlucky this #mycyclingweekend, or you've been saving up your puncture photos. We've had a browse of the mountain of your puncture stories and couple of puncture-caused crashes you sent us in search of a winner for Cycle Surgery's £50 Continental Grand Prix 4000S II tyre prize.

And we've found one.

Following a grand total of three punctures and a slow motion fall in an incident that may well have been caused by one of said punctures, the winner of this week's #mycyclingweekend prize is fatblokeinlycra.

No, not you, or you. Fatblokeinlycra is the Instagram username of John, who we know is a father, husband, engineer, cyclist and regular #mycyclingweekend contributor.

We're pleased to give you the prize this week, John, because it really sounds like you're in need of a new tyre.

Hope your leg's on the mend!



John wasn't the only one of you suffering in puncture-ville this weekend. Paul Medcraft had his Schwalbe Marathon+ tyres surprisingly sliced to bits when he hit a Stanley knife blade.

We're pleased to see that the tyre was the only thing that suffered. Stanley blades are not what you want to scupper your leisurely #mycyclingweekend ride, that's for sure.



We know we've accused loads of you of having screws loose in the past, but we didn't expect you to literally be losing those screws on the road. Stop it, look, it's ruining #mycyclingweekend rides left right and centre.

Twitter users @jamiemagique and @gsavill90, as well as Rory Kemper on Instagram fell victim to screws this #mycyclingweekend. We hope none of you came off as a result!







Puncture stories aren't all about the moment of puncture, rather the location of the repair can often be a better story, especially if it's somewhere pretty.

Mike Fortgens found a lovely spot by a stream to prop-up his Bianchi, while Jeremy Sharp and co got to fixing theirs in a field under a rather spectacular spot of sunshine. 

Instagram user jakomo70 on the other hand found a nice spot of mud. His story of a frustrating repair probably means that even if he'd been on top of a mountain his mood wasn't going to be improved easily.



Lekke band #47 #mycyclingweekend #fromwhereiride #bianchi #vianirone7 #flattyre #again

A photo posted by Mike Fortgens (@mikefortgens) on






Punctures weren't the only thing that you guys were suffering from this #mycyclingweekend. Twitter user Thomas Bailey's friend Nick Jones had to have an 'emergency rest' after suffering a bad bout of cramp.

Looks more like a crash to us...



But, as always, there were plenty of you out there taking fantastic #mycyclingweekend photographs of the incredible things you've seen on your rides, perhaps in spite of some rather frustrating on-road incidents.

We especially liked Instagram user Chris Hall's photo of the Stwlan Dam and adjacent road - what a spectacular view.

Also, a special mention should go to the incredible monument Steven Hendrikx found in Belgium. The Vlooybergtoren is a 'stairway to heaven' observatory platform of the surrounding countryside. 

We think it's spectacular.





Remember, it's not too late to get involved in the #mycyclingweekend fun. Just upload a photo to Instagram or Twitter with the #mycyclingweekend and #CycleSurgery hashtags in the caption, and we'll have a look and include our favourites in Friday's pre-#mycyclingweekend piece.

Happy riding!

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