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Great Decathlon deals in their DealCatcher Takeover

The French bike bit giant has got a mountain of great cycling deals at the moment: here's our selection...

Decathlon deals are always special. The giant French sport retailer are renowned, in the office at least, for their incredible value, so when they start slashing prices left right and centre, we can't help but jolt upright in anticipation.

Today's selection features one of Decathlon's in-house brand BTwin's fantastic bicycles - the Triban 540 - alongside an insulated water bottle and a pair of tyres.

The offers aren't restricted to the BTwin department. They've got a discounted Garmin Edge 25 GPS cycling computer which we loved when we reviewed it here. 

On top of that there's an absolutely huge bargain waiting for you if you're into pro cycling teams, and even if your not the FDJ waterproof gilet is an incredibly cheap and adaptable option for those summer months that are notoriously rainy in our country.

Finally there's a bargain bike rack for your car if you're thinking about going on a cycling holiday, and a pair of Michelin Pro4 Service Course tyres - which we loved when we reviewed them.


17% off BTwin's Triban 540
WAS £600.00 | NOW £499.99

BTwin Triban 540.jpg

BTwin's Triban range is a favourite of ours here at Every time one of them has rolled through our office we've all been in awe of the value it represents and the quality of ride for the price tag.

The Triban 540, featured above, came into towers in its flat bar form. We did a first look then, and liked what we saw.

The bike is very very similar to the slightly more entry-level Triban 520 which we reviewed and praised to the high heavens last year.

They share a frame, but the 540 comes equipped with Shimano's improved 105 groupset. It's a fantastically nippy bike, and you really can't beat it for value.

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5% off Garmin's Edge 25 ANT+ GPS Cycling Computer
WAS £104.99 | NOW £99.99

Garmin Edge 25 ANT.jpg

We adore this little guy here at

Our tech editor David Arthur gave it a stonking 9/10 when he reviewed it, and Decathlon have it at possibly its lowest price in the UK. It also lists its RRP lower than everywhere else - so that 5% discount doesn't quite do it justice.

This neat £99.99 package is a fantastic and understated riding companion.

- Read more:'s Garmin Edge 25 review


40% off BTwin's Insulated Cycling Bottle
WAS £4.99 | NOW £2.99

BTwin Insulated Cycling Bottle.jpg

Now, now, review scores aren't everything. We really think you ought to give all of our reviews a thorough read if you're considering buying anything. 

If you delve deeper than the frightening 2/10 review score that our man Jo Burt gave this BTwin insulated bottle, you'll notice that most of the criticism comes from the bottles difficulties in keeping drinks hot - which shouldn't be a consideration of yours in the coming months.

If you like your drinks cool, rather than warm - which they will be under the summer sun - then this bottle will keep your drink cool. Seriously, it says so in the review.

Also, at this bargain price, you'll be paying more for a decent bottle. So, if drink temperature is of importance to you, you'll struggle to find anything that'll fit in your bottle holder and will keep your drink cool for a similar price.

- Read more:'s BTwin Insulated Bottle review


75% off BTwin's Waterproof Cycling Gilet
WAS £59.99 | NOW £14.99

FDJ Waterproof Cycling Gillet.jpg

We know that 'the rules' have a lot against wearing team kit. But as we've stated hundreds of times here at, we do not, have not, and will never subscribe to such divisive rules.

The FDJ livery is not why this gilet was worth £60. It was worth £60 because it did a great job at keeping your torso dry and protected from the wind on showery days - of which there'll be plenty in the coming months.

At £14.99 it's an absolutely enormous bargain. If you like the FDJ colouring, or you can overlook it, you'll have a great deal on your hands.

- Read more:'s best cycling gilets buyer's guide


21% off Automaxi's TowVoyage Rapid Towbar Cycle Carrier
WAS £119.99 | NOW £94.99

TowVoyage Rapid Towbar Cycle Carrier.jpg

Are you planning a holiday with your bike? Are you set on the bike rack front?

If not, check out our buyer's guide below which lays out exactly what you should be looking for in a rack, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

This Automaxi rack is a towballer. In the guide below we state that a towball rack's disadvantasgges are restricted access to the boot - which is better than having no use of a boot beccause your bike's in it - as well as the need for a number plate and light board.

Fortnuately, the Automaxi comes with a number plate and light board. So you're golden.

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25% off BTwin's Resist 5 Protect Road Bike Tyres
WAS £19.99 | NOW £14.99

BTwin Puncture Protect Tyre.jpg

If you took part in our puncture-heavy #mycyclingweekend competition this weekend, or at least read it, you'll be well aware of the inconveniences, scares and dangers of punctures.

If you'd like to head them off now, but you're on a tight budget, look no further than BTwin's Resist range.

We reviewed the 9's in February. These are their slightly heavier - and therefore arguably more resiliant - brothers the 5's.

- Read more:'s BTwin Resist 9 Road Bike Tyre review


22% off Michelin's Pro4 Service Course Road Bike Tyres
WAS £45.98 | NOW £35.99

Michelin Pro4 Service Course Tyre.jpg

Finally, Michelin's Pro4 Service Course tyres.

We've called them the perfect summer riding tyres in the past. And we stand by that assessment, especially in the light of our man David Arthur's review, which you can read below.

In the review you'll find out that not only are the tyres grippy, durable and have a fast, consistent roll, our man found them "surprisingly comfortable," and "confidence inspiring."

- Read more:'s Michelin Pro4 Service Course review

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Fish_n_Chips | 7 years ago

Edge 25 £80 Aldi.


Plus it has a software fault when using the wheel speed sensor and GPS signal. Garmin know and have not fixed it. It does work fine just using GPS.

cyclophone | 7 years ago

Has RoadCC lost the plot entirely?

THis looks like a press release from your advertisers.  What are the deals on offer here actually?

A water bottle reduced from £5 to £3? - and not just any water bottle, but the one Roadd cc gave 1 out of 5 in its own review - although your mention that review you suggest it was just marked down because of the inuslation factor but your own review said "it's heavier, bigger and holds less liquid than a standard bottle. It had better do a brilliant job of keeping your drink hot or cold to make up for it" before making clear it didn;t do a good job of that either.

To add to the misinformation the link doesn't go the review as advertised but to Decthalon's website!. Read YOUR OWN review instead here:

And the deal on the Garmin? THat's 5% off. Not earth shattering.

Sad to see you compromising any impression of independence with this blatant advertiser promo.

neoito | 7 years ago

Perfect! I've been holding replacing my tires this week, trying to decide wether to buy the Michelins again or try something else and this has made up my mind nicely.


Thanks for taking away tyre choice pressure, my head was starting to ache with all the choice!

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