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Great cycling deals on wheels and tyres in the Chain Reaction Cycles Takeover

The DealCatcher's caught wind of tyre and wheel deals over at Chain Reaction Cycles - check 'em all out here...

If you head over to our in-depth buyer's guides to wheels and tyres which we link to below you'll quickly get the clear impression that upgrading your wheels and tyres are arguably the most efficient way of improving your ride.

So, in that vein, the DealCatcher's been in touch with Chain Reaction Cycles, and together they've put together a list of bargain wheels and tyres that'll make an enormous difference to your riding experience.

A pretty wide selection of brands and price points follow, so no matter what riding you're planning on doing this summer, you'll now be able to do it better, faster, and more comfortably - thanks to the DealCatcher.


40% off DT Swiss's R23 Spline Road Wheelset
WAS £349.99 | NOW £209.99

DT Swiss R23 Spline Road Wheels.png

DT Swiss's tubeless ready clincher wheelset, the RR23 Splines, is a fantastically comfortable and quick set of wheels that'll work with wider tyres too - if you're that way inclined.

They weigh in at 1.6kg for the pair, and feature some interesting technological features that'll give you a boost performance-wise.

The centre section of each double-butted spoke has been bladed to improve the wheel's overall aerodynamic performance. Each spoke has also been straightpulled, which mean's there's no excess weight from a bend in the spoke head while also creating a stiffer more responsive wheel.


40% off DT Swiss's R24 Spline Road Wheelset
WAS £209.99 | NOW £125.99

DT Swiss R24 Spline Road Wheels.png

DT Swiss's cheaper Spline wheelset, the R24s,  feature much of the same technological performance features as their more expensive brothers, but instead of targetting performance, these wheels are heavier and better suited to training or cyclocrossing.

The 1.725kg weight is hardly anything to gauk at though. Just ask our man Stu Kerton who reviewed them.

They rolled away with a 8/10.

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50% off Easton's EC90 Aero 55 Road Clincher Wheelset
WAS £2299.99 | NOW £1149.99

Easton EC90 Aero 55 Road Clincher Wheelset.png

We've not reviewed these Eastons, the priciest of today's sale items, but we did cover their launch.

In that coverage we noted that Easton claim the EC90s are the fastest in their category, and with savings of over £1000, they're quite the bargain right now.

The pair weigh in at 1.58kg and feature a 55mm deep aero rim.

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55% off Techlite's Road Carbon Tubular Wheelset
WAS £999.99 | NOW £449.99

Techlite Road Carbon Tubular Wheelset.png

Our final pair of wheels for the day come from Techlite.

These fantastically light 1.34kg wheels feature a 10mm deep carbon rim and are compatible with tubular tyres of a recommended 700C x 23C size.

They've also received the biggest discount of the day.

What are you waiting for?


38% off Schwalbe's One Road Tyre  V-Guard
WAS £44.99 | NOW £27.99

Schwalbe One Road Tyre.png

Onto the tyres.

We love the Schwalbe Ones, as you may already be aware.

They've featured in a few DealCatchers over the last couple of years, plus they've had the review treatment from our very own tech editor Dave Arthur.

Mr Arthur called the Ones "very fast, supple and durable" also noting their "great puncture protection.

They rolled out of towers with a 9/10. At this price they'd have probably got an 11.

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39% off Continental's Sport Contact II City Road Bike Tyre
WAS £27.95 | NOW £16.99

Continental SportCONTACT II City Road Tyre.png

If you're running a thick-wheeled city bike but you want a performance boost, you've come to the right place.

The Continental Sport Contact II City Road Bike Tyre is Continental's offering to the non-performance oriented cyclists who are after a performance boost.

They say these tyres will "turn any bike into a racer."

While we're not sure about the legitimacy of that claim, we are sure that the specs support the claim that these wider tyres - they come in 28 and 32mm forms - are light and certainly seem to be performance oriented.

At £17, they're well worth a look!


45% off Rubino's Pro Road Bike Tyre
WAS £27.99 | NOW £15.49

Vittoria Rubino Pro Road Tyre.png

We know you liked these Vittoria Rubino Tyres.

How, you ask? Well, you told us.

Back in July 2015, you lot put these puncture resistant tyres in your top five road tyres - as part of our People's Choice award for tyres.

In the awards piece we called them "Reliable all-rounders at a sensible price. Probably the best tyres you can get for under £20 each."

You can read more by following the link below:

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