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Baggage handlers lose bikes (and everything else) of Kent couple who cycled 40,000km around the world

Social media campaign has since helped reunite cyclists with their belongings

A Kent couple were left bereft when the bikes on which they had ridden 39,500km failed to arrive at Shannon Airport just two weeks from the end of their round the world cycling trip.

Jo and Paul Casey have ridden across 40 countries and four continents since growing disillusioned with their nine-to-five lifestyle in 2014. They sold or gave away all their belongings and set off round the world two weeks after getting married.'s guide on: How to fly with your bike

Speaking to about their missing belongings, Jo said:

“They have everything in them, including our tent (our house), six months’ worth of diaries, lots of other sentimental bits from the last two and half years of cycling around the world.

“But more importantly, we want to finish the ride on our faithful steeds. They’ve carried us 39,500km. We’re two weeks away from riding the equivalent of the equator, and returning to our hometown of Faversham [Kent] where we left so long ago.”

The couple had just finished cycling from Los Angeles to New York and from there had flown with Aer Lingus to go and see some of Paul’s family in Kerry.

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Writing on social media, the couple said: “It’s Sunday night and our bikes and luggage still haven’t arrived since our flight on Friday. And not a word from Aer Lingus despite us calling and leaving numerous messages yesterday and today.”

However, after newspapers, radio and social media picked up their story, Aer Lingus got in touch. Writing yesterday, the couple added: “Well, they're 'hopeful they'll be on the flight from Edinburgh tomorrow', but still no one can tell us where they are or what happened. So watch this space. I'll believe it when I see them. It's the six months’ worth of diaries that's the worst bit we'd be gutted if they don't get back to us.”

A post earlier today then read: “WOOHOO! Once again, THANK YOU! The bikes and bags have finally arrived. Turns out, they hadn't even left New York until yesterday but the media attention was enough to kick everyone into action! Over the moon.”

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