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Great cycling deal on bike locks, endurance goodies & more

The DealCatcher's getting the week off to a great start again with bargains from Science in Sport, Kryptonite, and Camelbak...

If tasty cycling deals are what you like to spend your evenings staring at, you're in luck! The DealCatcher has a selection of treats for you this Monday evening that are sure to whet your appetite.

We've got locks, nutrition goodies, and hydration packs for you this evening from a great selection of top cycling retailers.

Starting with Wheelies, we've found a deal that sees Kryptonite's New York Fahgettaboudit Mini Lock reduced from £80 to £55 - that's a 31% discount.

Over at Cycle Surgery, meanwhile, Camelbak's Charge 10L Hydration Pack has seen a 50% discount bringing its price right down to £42.49.

Finally, Science in Sport have sliced the price of their endurance pack - which is perfect for those long rides you'll be wanting to take at this tim of year - from £14 down to £8.49.



31% off Kryptonite's New York Fahgettaboudit Mini Lock
WAS £79.99 | NOW £54.94


Kryptonite want you to forget about your bike.

They want you to feel so relaxed when it's locked up outside a coffee shop, or at the train station, that you almost forget it's there.

Thieves can be pretty strong willed when it comes to stealing bikes, and many locks will *ahem* bend to their will given enough time. While no lock is perfect, our 9/10 review says that the Kryptonite New York is "plenty tough enough to repel most criminals."

What's more, this lock is the mini version, so it's even easier to lug around with you.

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Cycle Surgery

50% off Camelbak's Charge 10LR Hydration Pack
WAS £84.99 | NOW £42.49

Camelbak backpack.jpg

While this weekend's been a bit of a washout, you'll no doubt be out riding under the blazing sun very soon.

At this time of year hydration becomes even more important than it usually is. 

While we've not reviewed many hydration packs here at our man John Whittington explored the many plus points of the bags in his review of the Geirrig Rig 700 Hydration pack below.

As far as value goes, this Camelbak's got the Geirrig beat. Hands down.

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Science in Sport

39% off Science in Sport's Endurance Pack
WAS £14.00 | NOW £8.49


The nutrition nerds over at Science in Sport are once again lending their considerable pool of knowledge to our aid by discounting their fantastic selection of endurance products.

If you're plotting a long ride in the near future, it might be worth investing the perfectly reasonable £8.49 in this pack.

It's got everything you'll need to keep going way longer than you usually do.

In the pack you'll get two GO Isotonic Energy Gels, two 50g GO Energy sachets, two 40g GO Electrolyte sachets, two 50g REGO Rapid Recovery sachets, two GO Energy bars, and an 800ml bottle.

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