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Copenhagen looks to build a cyclists’ paradise

Danish capital looking for ideas to make bike-friendly improvements to transport system

Copenhagen, already one of the most bike-friendly capitals in the world, is looking for ways to improve things further for cyclists.

Copenhagen and Living Labs Global, a non-profit organisation that seeks ways to improve urban life, are calling for innovative ideas to improve the city’s transport system in a bike-friendly way.

Jointly with the City of Barcelona and Living Labs Global, Copenhagen will host the Copenhagen | Barcelona Summit on Service Innovation in Cities in November, which will be attended by representatives from 30 cities and more than 100 companies.

Before that summit, the City of Copenhagen is inviting companies and organisations from around the world to present their ideas for new systems, policies, technologies or planning tools to help achieve what they call “an attractive and fully integrated inter-modal transport system”, incorporating the use of bikes.

Copenhagen will choose three solutions to be implemented as pilots in November. The proposed solutions must meet any of the following challenges:

  1. Smarter bike paths that indicate dangers such as ice or congestion, or use sensors to monitor usage – perhaps linking to traffic light systems that favour cyclists.
  2. Bike technology, such as health sensors, location information, theft protection, entertainment and fitness monitors.
  3. Mobile services that link bicycles and riders to social networks, provide news and updates, to pre-book bikes, reserve parking or plan routes.
  4. Integrating bike rides with other modes of public transport to give commuters more flexibility.
  5. Improved bicycle parking around key intersections and meeting points.
  6. Improved health and well-being monitoring and impact of bicycles in the city.
  7. Replacing more commercial vehicles in the city with bicycles.
  8. Services to support bicycle tourism.

Ideas can be submitted online.

Copenhagen has one of the world’s most ambitious local climate policies, aiming to become a zero-emission community by the year 2025.

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ironmancole | 9 years ago

Wow - sod shiny suits and hover boards, the future is Copenhagen!

Read with shame UK Parliament, this is what political intelligence looks like.

mad_scot_rider | 14 years ago

Frankly I'm trying to think of even one good reason not to emigrate!

Simon_MacMichael replied to mad_scot_rider | 14 years ago
mad_scot_rider wrote:

Frankly I'm trying to think of even one good reason not to emigrate!

Have you seen the price of a pint out there?  3

massspike replied to mad_scot_rider | 9 years ago
mad_scot_rider wrote:

Frankly I'm trying to think of even one good reason not to emigrate!

Hills -- or the lack thereof

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