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VIDEO: Cyclist's 'terrorist attack' from intimidating FedEx driver

James Avery says company's reaction to helmet cam footage falls short...

A cyclist who was dangerously tailgated by a Fed Ex delivery driver has expressed his anger that the ‘thug’ is being sent on a safety course by the Metropolitan Police.

The rider, James Avery, was followed by the Transit-type vehicle as he cycled near St Pancras station in London.

He said the action amounted to ‘terrorism’ and had made him afraid to ride on the roads.

He told "This guy was full of nothing but hate - he could easily have changed lane if he was in that much of a hurry. At this stage, I'm still getting over the shock.

“However, this is how I view this behaviour - it's terrorism, pure and simple. You attack a train at King's Cross St Pancras station - you are a terrorist. Attack the building itself - terrorist. Attack a Santander bike outside the station - what's the difference?

“It is very clear that this thug wanted nothing other than to intimidate because he believed he was a superior person as a van driver. His actions were highly intimidatory, and they have achieved the desired effect of making me too scared to go out.”

FedEx responded publicly, saying: “Safety is a core value and something that we take extremely seriously at FedEx.

"We hold our drivers to stringent standards and they are required to abide by all road traffic laws and conduct themselves in an appropriate and courteous manner at all times. We are investigating this incident and are taking the appropriate action."

To James personally, they wrote: “I was sorry to learn of the recent incident concerning the driving of one of our couriers.

“From reviewing the footage that you have provided it is clear that the behaviour falls far short of the standards that we expect from our employees.

This has been reviewed and dealt with by the manager of the employee directly, and I thank you for bringing it to our attention.”

James was disappointed by the response, saying: “It's hardly an expression of shock or dismay. I want to know a lot more.
“Why is safety so irrelevant when it is on the road?

“Where was the onboard dash cam, where is the telematics, where is the cab cam? Why aren't insurers insisting on this?”

James has further updated us that the driver has been sent on a driver training course as a result of a police inquiry.


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