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Motorist allegedly drove through barriers at Essex race forcing riders to crash into ditch

Audi drove straight at competitors and failed to stop after causing them to fall

Police are investigating an incident at a Maldon and District Cycling Club event when a motorist is said to have ignored safety barriers and driven towards a group of oncoming cyclists, causing them to crash.

The Maldon Road Races took place on Sunday October 2, near Steeple.

The Maldon and Burnham Standard reports that as the first few riders were finishing, a car burst through the safety barriers at the line and drove up the course towards them. The cyclists were reportedly forced off the road and into a ditch.

John Perrot, whose son was participating, was one of the spectators. He said it looked like the driver was ‘out of control’.

“He was coming along Batts Road and we were watching my lad finish. No cars are allowed until the race has finished, which is five minutes maximum by this point. This gentleman drove through the safety barriers and drove at the finish line at speed.”

Perrot said that the driver’s actions caused a number of riders to fall, but despite this the car continued towards the next group.

“About six lads came off their bikes and crashed into a ditch. Fortunately all the lads that did fall out the way managed to avoid any contact with the car. The driver did not stop. He raced through the finish line towards the second group of riders who were coming down towards the end.

“He just drove at them and we thought he was going to kill someone. He stopped at the last minute. It is the arrogance of the guy that angers me. He put people’s lives in serious danger because he couldn’t be bothered to wait a couple of minutes.”

Maldon and District Cycling Club confirmed the incident took place but said it wouldn’t comment further while a police investigation is underway.

A spokesman for Essex Police said: “Officers were called just after 12.15pm on Sunday, October 2 to reports a white Audi was in a collision with a number of cyclists who were taking part in a bike race on Batts Road. A number of bicycles were damaged and once cyclist suffered minor injuries. The car failed to stop.”

Anyone with information can contact Essex Police on 101.

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