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Cycle in Manchester? Help and freebies for winter cycling HERE

Pick up some advice and some free gear for the colder months

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) has launched its winter cycling campaign, urging people to stay on two wheels over the colder months and providing them with the advice and information they need to continue to stay safe and fit.

A series of events across the region have been arranged to help people prepare for colder and wetter journeys, including free group and one-to-one cycle training, to learn new skills or find out how to adapt cycling routes for the winter.

The events also include cycle maintenance courses and ‘drop-in-sessions’ at bike shops, where experts will be on hand to offer safety tips and free bike checks, and cyclists can pick up a TfGM cycling goodie bag and take advantage of in-store discounts.

TfGM’s top tips for cycling during the winter include:

·         Get your bike fit for the freeze – check your bike more frequently, paying particular attention to the chain, brakes, tyres and wheel rims

·         Be seen – make sure you can see and be seen clearly and your bike has working lights and reflectors

·         Be prepared – carry spare batteries, puncture repair kit, pump and spare inner tubes

·         Stay warm – invest in some waterproof and warm gear, like gloves and overshoes

·         Adapt – think about changing your route to gritted main roads and be extra-aware of motorists’ reduced visibility.

Councillor Chris Paul, Active Travel and Cycling Champion for the TfGM Committee, said: “At a time of year when the nights draw in, many of us spend more time indoors, getting less exercise but more rich food, the health benefits and increased energy levels from getting around on a bike under your own steam are even more beneficial than usual.

“As long as you and your bike are well-equipped, the winter months can be a great time to get out and about – you just need to prepare a little more before you head out on the road, the towpath or the leafy lane.”

To find a full list of TfGM’s winter-ready cycling events, or to book a training session, visit the winter cycling pages on the TfGM website here.


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ktache | 7 years ago

    Burtthebike, not wanting to get involved in the "debate" but maybe not all the cyclists, who might wear a helmet, know about skullcaps.  They are a bit specialised bicycle clothing.  I remember a few months of a very cold head before I found out about them.  I now have 2 different ones and a headband, all pearl izumi, to fine tune and regulate heat.  It makes a lot of difference, all those vents.

    Those who chose not to wear a helmet can wear a wooly hat, just like the fine councillor above.  Who does seem to have a nice old Raleigh.

    I'm wondering if and when I should fit the winter tyres on the getting around bike, they only really come into their own in frosty weather.  There hasn't been a hard late frost yet down here, I'm not really doing mornings at the moment.  I think it might be a cold one, not like the last three.  I am down south of course, and I do respect those who ride in far more inclement and colder climates.

burtthebike | 7 years ago

My prayers have been answered.  A cycle promotion give way which doesn't include helmets.  And the councillor doesn't wear one either.

Or does it?  From the website "Wear a skullcap or buff under your helmet. Gloves and overshoes will help you retain heat and stay warm during the winter."

Ah well, too good to be true I guess.

GREGJONES | 7 years ago

Could GMCC have a word with GMP first and ask them to pull their finger out and enforce traffic laws as well, that'd be nice.

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