FREE Cake at Cycle Surgery this Black Friday

That's right, you can get your hands on free cake alongside loads of cycling bargains at Cycle Surgery stores nationwide today...

If you love cycling deals, and you also happen to love cake, Cycle Surgery is the place to be this Black Friday - or should we say 'Bike Friday'.

That's the name Cycle Surgery have given every Friday in November as the retailer looks to reclaim Black Friday for the forces of good rather than consumerist evil.

With stores country-wide Cycle Surgery has been offering free stuff throughout November. From free puncture repairs, wheel truing sessions, and drivetrain cleaning, there's been plenty on offer over the last four weeks.

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Clearly, though, the best has been saved until last.

Cake is on offer in every store in the country. And it's FREE!

Of course, as it's Black Friday, there's also going to be a wonderful selection of cycling deals to be had. Keep your eyes peeled for our Big Black Friday Cycling Deals Round-up which we'll keep updated with the best deals throughout the day - including some stunners from Cycle Surgery.

If you get a cakey hankering tomorrow, you'll need to find your nearest Cycle Surgery store to satiate that hunger. Let us point you in the direction of Cycle Surgery's store-finder tool, it might come in handy in a cake emergency.


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