10 Kapz custom top caps have been won!

10 Kapz Winners!

Christmas has come early for these 10 lucky winners, but they'll need to act quickly to get their designs in so they can get their custom caps before Chirstmas.

So without further ado, here are those winners:


Garlon Cheung 

Richard Tyler

Peter Croasdale 

Roger McCance 

Wendy Becker 

Christine Magson

Eric Hoffmann 

Rhiannon Alwen ​

Kris Foster

Trevor Liddle 


The good people from Kapz will be in contact shortly.


Christmas is coming, in case you hadn't realised. And we've got together with our good friend Kapz Guru to give 10 of you a chance to win your own custom designed full colour headset cap. Guru's top caps are £24.95 each so they're great and inexpensive pressie for yourself or the other cyclist in your life! You can see more of their designs here

And the Guru has promised that he'll turn them round in time for you to get it by Christmas as long as you get him the design in time, if you win of course! So you'll have to think about what design you might want!

To help you here are some ideas. And then just fill in the form below and we'll draw 10 lucky winners on the 13th December. 

07 - P - Homer.png
18728 - P - Stuart Race.png


18767 - P - Henrik Orre - VeloChef.png

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