No pressure, obviously, but here are a few of your New Year Resolutions!

What does a New Year's Resolution mean to you? Here at road.cc we've been asking ourselves exactly that over the last few days, and last week we asked you directly. Cycle Surgery had a prize for one lucky reader too, which we'll give away shortly.

First though, let's take a quick look over at the road.cc team's New Year Resolutions.

Our man Liam Cahill compiled the resolutions in an excellent piece which you can read by following the link below. There appeared to be a pretty common theme that ran through most of the road.cc resolutions, though: ride more.

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Some of you had specific riding goals for 2017, like Twitter user vsmith who's committed to doing the Lakes and Dales loop in just a few months. Good luck!



Meanwhile others wanted to just increase their mileage in 2017. Fellow Twitter user Colin Culleton has targeted 1500 miles this year. It's an ambitious target, but we're all behind you here at road.cc.



While most of us here at road.cc and most of you lot at home (or at work, or on the train, or wherever you're reading this) have targeted riding more, riding bigger, or riding harder, some of us reckon we should all be looking at these resolutions a little less seriously.

Our own Laura Laker embodies that less-serious resolution outlook. Her commitment, which you can see below, is to ride more, but she's not counting miles; she's counting... *ahem* smiles.



This week's #mycyclingweekend... I mean #mycyclingResolution winner also follows that trend. Young Phoagy of Twitter is focusing on "velo love" in 2017, and we think all of you should be focusing on that.

The miles will take care of themselves.



Happpy New Year folks.

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