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Cyclone24, have you made the team?

6 riders, 24hrs, 1 track but how many laps? We're in it to win it... have been offered the chance to enter a team of six for the Cyclone24 endurance track event at Manchester Velodrome on May 6th and 7th 2017 and we asked you to comment below if you fancied joining us. Well it's the closing date so read on to see if you've made the cut. 

Cyclone24 2017 Sharers - Image11.jpg

If this was reality TV then we'd leave a long drawn out pause here before naming the lucky few but we'll just crack on with it, so Richard1982, stelliosuk and w3ftm you we'll be camping out track centre with team members iUpham and simontuck for 24hrs at the beginning of May.

The sixth and final team member is writer Stuart Kerton who will be doing his best to organise and motivate the team to borderline greatness.

Keep your eyes on your inbox you lucky lot and we'll be in touch with the details real soon. 


"The UK's only 24 hour track cycling challenge, Cyclone24 sees riders face the unenviable task of staying awake for 24 hours whilst battling physical exhaustion and mental fatigue as they take to the velodrome track vying to cover the furthest distance possible within the time frame.

Teams are made up of 6 riders and the challenge format is in relay style, with one rider of your team on the track at a time. Your team must devise their strategy on how and when to rotate, when to eat, when to sleep, Cyclone24 challenges strength, determination and team spirit."

roadcc track day 2

Bike hire, helmets and shoes are all included if you require them although you can obviously use your own including track bikes as long as they meet Manchester Velodrome's criteria.


As far as the rider qualifications go you either need to have/will have:

  • attended a Cyclone24 track session
  • completed a minimum of one beginners/introduction track session at any velodrome
  • hold a British Cycling Track Accreditation

This is a safety requirement for the event, so that all riders have completed the basic levels of safety on track and we don't have anyone turning up on the day who has never ridden the track before. There'll also be a waiver form which each rider will have to sign which states that they confirm they have one of the above.

Geraint Thomas track day - on the podium - a surprise victory


With 20 years of road cycling and over 150,000 miles in his legs it's safe to say Stu is happiest when on the bike whatever the weather. Since writing his first review for back in 2009 he has also had a career in engineering including 3D-CAD design and product development, so has a real passion for all of the latest technology coming through in the industry but is also a sucker for a classic steel frame, skinny tyres, rim brakes and a damn good paintjob.
His fascination with gravel bikes is getting out of control too!

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