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Cycling industry April Fools' Day round-up

Innovative apps, disc-brake-proof shoes and a brand new bike which sounds VERY technologically advanced

April Fools’ Day is etched into marketing departments' calendars these days. That isn't to say that some of them don't do a good job though. Here are just a few of our favourite efforts this year.

Open's new app, Zpeed, brings with it access to a "huge environment".


fi’zi:k bring us R1DISC, the world's first disc-brake-proof cycling shoes.

They're made entirely from metal, "a leading material that ensures resistance to even the hardest of crashes and are suitable for any surface."

Disc-brake-proof cycling shoes.jpg


Tacx introduce 'reverse mode'.

"Our sports science research confirms that riding backwards in Zwift on the NEO trains your muscles to ride forwards faster."


Finally, the Trek Nomadé, which promises to "drastically increase the dual clutch drivetrain’s Coulomb damping, while simultaneously reducing perspirative dampening at the gluteal interface."

If you've spotted any other good ones, feel free to point them out in the comments.

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