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Gravel bikes are for... marshes? #mycyclingweekend

Adventure bikes are for adventures, right?

This #mycyclingweekend, Cycle Surgery wanted to see some bikes in some unusual places. None of you pulled out photos of your bikes on sky scrapers, or dangling from ceilings, but we did see some pretty nice photos!

The closest we got to a bike being somewhere it shouldn't be was Brian McMahon's shot of his gravel bike chilling in a particularly marshy part of the monster Scottish windfarm at Whitelee.

Not only was the Ridley gravel bike somewhat out of its depth in the marsh, Brian had been throwing it around the mountain bike trail.

Bravo, Brian, you're this week's #mycyclingweekend winner!



We saw some other bikes a little out of place this week too.

Instagram user @thehillscountry and @pieter_flecha took shots of bikes in slightly unusual spots: on logs and on motorway overpass ramps



Ultra faffing. New bike envy. #MyCyclingWeekend #OutsideIsFree #iphoneography @phillipstringer

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Kelly Teagle also caught this snap of her bike taking a breather in a bush.



Less on the weird side and more on the awesome, we're-super-jealous side were John Grenfell, Chris Hall and BeersBikesandBistro.

In their photos we saw some beautiful locations, some great warm-up set ups, and a custom bicycle we're super interested in.







Altogether, this weekend wasn't quite as weird as we were hoping for, but it was plenty wonderful.

Remember, it's never too late to get involved in the #mycyclingweekend fun. Just fire up your internet-connected device and lob your weekend riding shots at us on Twitter and Instagram!

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