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Swiss cyclists cause almost half of all cycling accidents claims insurer: Time for an educational video…

Almost half! Would you believe it?

Swiss accident insurer, Suva, has launched a safe cycling video on the grounds that cyclists are responsible for almost half of all road accidents involving bikes. The press release doesn’t state who or what might be responsible for the remainder. Presumably they’ve already covered all of that in a previous campaign.

Suva also fails to say what proportion of motor vehicle accidents are caused by drivers to provide a comparison. Our knowledge of Switzerland’s road collision data is shaky-to-non-existent, but we’re willing to proffer a guess of ‘more than half’.

The Local reports Esther Hess, campaign leader at Suva, as saying: "Respect for traffic in the streets means to look for others."

Referring to the video, in which a carefree young father comes a cropper thanks to his irresponsible cycling, she adds that, “the most important thing is that you have enough time for the journey to work so that you don’t have an accident."

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