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New Strava signs mark out climbs on Irish roads

No more sprinting for an extra 100 metres just to be on the safe side

Many a Strava KOM has been claimed via the devious gambit of actually having half an idea where the segment starts and ends. However, there is no longer any advantage to be had in this area on three climbs in Ireland where roadside signs have been erected to mark the start and finish points for everyone.

Sticky Bottle reports that Corkscrew Hill, Castle Hill and the Meggagh Valley climb have all had signs erected by Clare Get Sidetracked, the recreation brand of Clare County Council.

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As well as indicating to avid Strava racers exactly where they should make their efforts, the signs also feature an integrated near field communication (NFC) chip. Cyclists with an NFC-enabled smartphone can touch the sign with their phones to bring up the relevant Strava segment page, featuring the climb’s profile and leaderboard.

Eoin Hogan, the rural recreation officer for county Clare, commented: “Cyclists will be able to get detailed information in advance of tackling a hill and they will also be able to challenge themselves to see how their times compare to the fastest attempts on the hills.”

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