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Great cycling deals on GT, Eastway, Fulcrum & cycling tents in the Wiggle DealCatcher Takeover

If you're plotting some cycling adventures this summer check out this stellar DealCatcher from Wiggle - tents, adventure bikes, and more great kit!...

Summer's well and truly here! If you've managed to squeeze out a ride over the last couple of days you'll know all about it.

So, how are you going to take advantage of the good weather? A big cycling camping trip? Just more rides?

Whatever you decide, the DealCatcher's here to help you out, today especially.

The deals available to you today come straight from Wiggle, and include sunglasses, short sleeved jerseys, two adventure bikes, an ultra lightweight tent, and more!



54% off Northwave's Team Sunglasses
WAS £39.99 | NOW £18.36


For starters, on sunny days like we've had this week, you'll need protection for your eyes.

As we're sure you're aware, cycling sunglasses come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Some of you will inevitably prefer the frame heavy stylings of Oakley's Jawbreaker series, but others may well be looking for something a little more lightweight.

Northwave's Team Sunglasses are a great lightweight option, as our reviewer Steph Mann explored in her review, which you can read below:

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53% off Lezyne's Micro Drive 450XL
WAS £69.99 | NOW £32.80


In the heat it can be difficult to get a decent ride in, so some of you might be considering some night time jaunts.

Lezyne's Micro Drive 450XL is perfect for warm night time rides.

The light features an Overdrive setting which gives the lumen output a boost for trips down dark countryside lanes, and quick access to a dipped beam for when you encounter traffic or pull out onto a lit street.

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51% off Nordisk Telemark 2 Ultra Lightweight tent
WAS £620.00 | NOW £300.00


Now, it may seem strange to find a tent in a cycling deals article, but hear us out.

At this time of year holidays are on the agenda, but the problem with cyclists is that we've usually blown all of our money on bike bits, so the hotel fund is depressingly empty.

Fortunately, for £300 you can have unlimited access to accommodation wherever your bike can take you.

We've reviewed lightweight easy-to-carry, but a little less feature-heavy tents in the past and given them top marks.

The Nordisk looks like a steal at £300.

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50% off dhb's ASV Race Women's SS Jersey
WAS £60.00 | NOW £30.00


This lightweight race jersey is perfect for race riding, causual warm weather riding, and for those club rides when you want to be the envy of your riding mates.

Not only is the ASV Race jersey stocked full of features that help with comfort, climate, and performance, it looks fantastic.


23% off Fulcrum's Racing 3 2-Way Tuebeless Wheels
WAS £599.99 | NOW £458.96


When our man David Else took the Fulcrum Racing 3 wheels for a spin he liked what he saw.

Not only did he pick up on the fancy stylings of the wheels he said they're the perfect option if you're considering taking the plunge into tubeless riding!

Check out more in his review below:

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20% off Eastway's 2017 Emitter R4
WAS £1400.00 | NOW £1120.00


Our final two deals today are 2017 model bikes.

First, here, is Eastway's excellent Emitter R4.

Here you can get your hands on some budget - but top quality - carbon, that we reckon is incredibly well specced for the low £1120 asking price.


15% off GT's 2017 Grade AL CX
WAS £1699.99 | NOW £1444.99


Second up is GT's 2017 adventure bike, the Grade AL CX bike.

We've taken the non-cyclocross specific Grade Alloy out for a test before.

Our man Dave Arthur called it "brilliantly capable and fun."

Add the off-road capacity to the mix, and you're surely on to a winner.

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