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Massive cycling deals in the DealCatcher Takeover

Feeling the post-Bank Holiday blues? These deals from Wiggle on Castelli, Continental, Campagnolo, & Altura should be quite the remedy

The weather was glorious, the roads were reasonably quiet, and most of us were out enjoying some Bank Holiday cycling! But now we're a little achy and a little sad to be back at work. 

What better way of recovering from the heat and those post-Bank Holiday blues than with a big haul from the trusty DealCatcher?

Today we've got three jerseys from big brands at a variety of price points, a set of Campagnolo wheels, Continental tyres, Muc-Off chamois cream, Topeak pumps, and Castelli shorts.

Tuck in!


45% off Altura's Peloton 2 Jersey
WAS £59.99 | NOW £35.00


To kick things off we've got Altura's fantastic Peloton 2 Jersey.

It not only performed well on review it takes the cake in the looks department.

The 7/10 jersey was complimented for it's smooth technical fabric, comfort and spacious storage pockets.

- Read more:'s Altura Peloton 2 Jersey review


40% off Castelli Prologo V Jersey
WAS £80.00 | NOW £48.00


Our second is £12 more expensive than the Altura jersey featured before, but performed slightly better on review.

The 8/10 jersey is Castelli's fifth attempt at a Prologo jersey and it shows. Our man George Hill called it a "very good summer cycling top," and with more good weather on the horizon you're bound to make use of the jersey's excellent breathability, strong looks and comfort.

- Read more:'s Castelli Prologo V review


35% off Ale's Graphics PRR Bermuda Jersey
WAS £100.00 | NOW £64.99


When the long sleeve all-season edition of this DealCatcher's most expensive jersey came in for review, our man Stu Kerton called it "quality".

The Ale PRR range marries winter performance with excellent summer performance via micro perforated fabric construction which makes the change between season "seamless".

When the weather's as changeable as it is at the moment, surely that's something worth considering as a massive plus point?

- Read more:'s Ale PRR Bering Jersey review


36% off Castelli's Women's Free Aero Waist Shorts
WAS £110.00 | NOW £70.00


Castelli's Free Aero shorts are "premium" according to our tech editor Dave Arthur's 9/10 review of the men's bib version of these shorts.

These bib-less shorts are designed with performance in mind. Vortex-dimpled fabric on the legs adds layers of aero performance not usually seen in shorts at this price point.

The Giro Air mesh-like leg gripper adds better all-over grip to prevent the frequent problem of slippage in non-bib shorts.

Plus, the female-specific Progetto X2 Air seat pad gives exceptional comfort.

- Read more:'s Castelli's Free Aero Race bib shorts review


24% Topeak Race Rocket HP Master Blaster
WAS £32.99 | NOW £24.99


Topeak's orignial Road Master Blaster pump sits at the top of our "14 best cycling tyre pumps" guide, and for good reason.

We said that pump was a "well-thought-out frame pump that's a reliable companion for longer excursions," and this one's no different.

Except it looks a bit prettier!

- Read more:'s Topeak Road Master Blaster featured in bike pump buyer's guide


51% off Continental's Grand Prix 4000S II Tyres
WAS £59.95 | NOW £28.99


Continental's Grand Prix 4000S II tyres are "excellent big-chambered race tyres with a fast smooth feel" according to our man Dave Atkinson.

You can read his review below if you need a bit more info before dropping the very reasonable £28.99 that they're currently available for over at Wiggle.

- Read more:'s Continental GP 4000S II Tyre review


28% off Campagnolo's Scirocco 35 Clincher Wheels
WAS £306.99 | NOW £218.99


Campagnolo's highly accessible but exceptionally high performing Scirocco wheels are an excellent option if you're looking to improve your ride without breaking the bank.

The 35mm deep rim gives you some aerodynamic advantages without compromising your stability.

Plus, these are aluminium wheels are clinchers, so benefit from improved ride quality.

- Read more:'s Campagnolo Scirocco release coverage


25% off Muc-Off's Luxury Chamois Cream
WAS £20.00 | NOW £14.99

Muc Off Luxury Chamois Cream.jpg

Our final deal of the day comes to you by way of Muc-Off. 

The brand known for cleaning are also looking to make your riding experience more comfortable as well as better looking.

This Luxury Chamois Cream does just that.

We can say that with authority because our man Dave Atkinosn gave the cream an 8/10 when it came our way for review.

- Read more:'s Muc-Off Luxury Chamois Cream review

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The Sledge | 6 years ago
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'Our man Stu Kerton called it "quality"'

Call me pedantic but without qualification the statement is meaningless - everything possesses quality, be it crap, average, best or anything in between. Surely it's up to a reviewer to qualify and quantify the nature of the product he's reviewing? 

At least he didn't claim it was 'nice.' 

Rant over! 

Bikeylikey | 6 years ago


What does this mean?

'Plus, these are aluminium wheels are clinchers, so benefit from improved ride quality.'

What are they an improvement on?

By the way, it's a welcome change that at least a couple of the entries this time are free of the gimmicky possessive apostrophe. Shame it didn't extend to all the entries.

userfriendly replied to Bikeylikey | 6 years ago
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bikeylikey wrote:

What does this mean?

'Plus, these are aluminium wheels are clinchers, so benefit from improved ride quality.'

What are they an improvement on?

Thanks, logged on just to make that exact comment - what does that even mean?

davel replied to Bikeylikey | 6 years ago
bikeylikey wrote:

gimmicky possessive apostrophe

*It's* all over t'interweb. Grrrr.

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