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CycleStreets set to assist capital commuting newbies

Cometh the Tube strike, cometh the bike journey planner

With a threatened Tube strike due to get underway tonight and hot on the heels of the London Sky Ride, residents of the capital are being urged to make the most of pedal power this week.

Many, however, will not be aware of bike-specific shortcuts and cycle-friendly routes through parks which can maximise the benefits of opting for two wheels around the capital.

The quickest way to acquire that inside knowledge is by connecting to London CycleStreets where, after selecting your journey’s start and finish points, you will be offered three route options: fastest, quietest and  'balanced', the latter designed to be a happy medium between the others.

The suggested route options include details of journey time, distance, number of traffic lights and pedestrian crossings, and the level of quietness. The routes can also be downloaded to a GPS device.

The site’s developer, Martin Lucas-Smith, said: "Cycling is a great way to get around London. But if you've not cycled for a while, you may not be aware of the many shortcuts and quiet routes that exist. Beat the strike by searching online for London CycleStreets, or and get personalised cycle routes around London."

Free to use, the London journey planner is part of a wider UK-wide site, at which is still in the development phase.

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