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Canyon brings more great cycling deals to the DealCatcher

Garmin's Vevtor power meter, a Kask helmet and a High5 energy bundle join a fantastic selection of Canyon bikes in today's DealCatcher takeover...

The DealCatcher's got a fantastic selection of deals for you today straight from Canyon. An incredible deal on High5 energy products, plus power meters, helmets and bikes galore feature in today's round-up.

The first deal you'll see is a doozy from High5. The selection on offer, and the price of it, is positively mind blowing, but there's a limited supply so you may well want to get moving quickly.

After that we've got a selection of bikes and other products in descending order of percentage discount!

Canyon's fantastic range of road bikes are clearly the highlight, so get scrolling and find out more.


84% off High5 & Canyon's Exclusive Energy Bundle
WAS £102.95 | NOW £26.95

variety box_2016_groß.jpg

The first deal of the day is this bumper bundle from High5.

This extraordinarily huge discount covers a wonderful range of products. Those products are as follows:

  • 1 box of nine Protein Recovery sachets
  • 1 box of 25 IsoGel sachets
  • 1 box of 20 EnergyGel sachets
  • 1 tube of Zero berry flavour electrolyte tablets
  • 1 tube of Zero citrus flavour electrolyte tablets
  • 1 High5 750ml bottle

All-in-all the bundle represents fantastic value, and we know, because we've reviewed High5's stuff before and we liked it. Check out one of those reviews below:

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23% off Canyon's Endurace CF SLX Disc 8.0
WAS £3899.00 | NOW £2999.00

endurace-cf-slx-disc-8_c1212 (1).jpg

While Endurace sounds like endurance, this model from Canyon is very much performanc-oriented.

You're going to get all the performance features we've come to expect from high-end road bikes, but what makes the Endurace special is the geometry that our tech editor David Arthur says "won't leave you needing a chiropractor after each ride."

The bike carries Shimano's fantastic Ultegra groupset, Shimano ST-RS685 disc brakes, and Reynolds's Assault carbon wheels will give you a bit more of a kick.

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18% off Garmin's Vector 2 Power Meter
WAS £1029.95 | NOW £841.95


These days we have access to so much information. Any question you might have about cycling you can access very easily via the search function on - or Google if you're feeling picky.

But did you know that a wealth of information is accessible about your personal riding style and capacity?

The Garmin Vector 2s work alongside an ANT+ device to keep track of a crazy amount of data which should help you to improve your performance.

We reviewed these pretty thoroughly, and our man David Atkinson thought very highly of them - even highlighting how incredibly easy to use they are.

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18% off Canyon's Inflite AL 9.0 S
WAS £1599.99 | NOW £1319.00

inflite-al-9-s_c1108 (1).jpg

Thinking about taking up cyclocross now the autumn is well and truly with us? Canyon's Inflite bike is perfect for those thinking about trying your hand at the sport over the coming months.

Fortunately for those of you who are a little unsure, the Inflite range works just as fantastically off road as it does on-road. So, if it's not your thing you've still got an incredibly capable comfortable commuter in hand.

The model on offer here carries Shimano's Ultegra groupset as well as the brand's BR-RS785 disc brakes, a 7005 aluminium frame which ties everything together to offer an incredibly responsive and forgiving machine.

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15% off Canyon's Ultimate AL SLX 9.0 Aero
WAS £2399.00 | NOW £2039.00

ultimate-al-slx-9-aero_c1024 (2).jpg

When a review starts with the word "wow," you better prick up your ears and pay attention.

Our man Stu Kerton gave the Canyon Ultimate AL SLX 9.0 Aero a 9/10 when it came our way for review.

He said that the Shimano Ultegra, Reynolds Assault Carbon wheel, and Fizik Antares R5 saddle-carrying road bike offered "stunning performance."

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15% off Kask's Mojito Helmet
WAS £116.95 | NOW £98.95


A topper that's "hard to top." That's what our man Ash Quinlan had to say about the Kask Mojito helmet.

Sure it's not got all of the shiniest and newest bits of helmet tech, but what it does, it does fantastically.

He said that it's not only lightweight and airy, it fits fantastically well too. 

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14% off Canyon's Speedmax CF 9.0
WAS £2649.00 | NOW £2289.00


We don't often feature triathlon or time trial machines here on, but when we do, the Speedmax is always in the conversation.

In our top 11 time trial bikes, we featured the Speedmax, and our tech editor Mat Brett called it "nuts!"

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12% off Canyon's Endurace WMN CF 8.0
WAS £1499.00 | NOW £1319.00


We covered the concept of Canyon's Endurace range above, but this one is a bit different because it's for women.

Obviously, the concept doesn't change, but one or two other bits do.

The geometry is a little different to accommodate the female frame, and this model carries Shimano's fantastic 105 groupset alongside DT Swiss R24 Spline wheels and a Selle Italia Lady Flow saddle.


10% off Canyon's Aeroad CF SLX Disc 8.0 Di2
WAS £4499.00 | NOW £4049.00

aeroad-cf-slx-disc-8-di2_c1200 (1).jpg

And, finally, Canyon's carbon racer extraordinairre, the Aeroad.

If the branding wasn't enough of a giveaway, aerodynamics, responsiveness alongside unbelievable rigidity and lightness is the name of the game.

While this specific model (the CF SLX Disc 8.0) sits at the bottom of the Aeroad ladder, it still offers unparalleled specs at the price point.

Shimano's Ultegra mechanical groupset, Reynolds Strike Carbon Clincher wheels and a shockingly aerodynamic frame make up an unbelievable package at under £3500.

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