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Nottingham estates could implement 20mph limit for safer cycling

But with 4 in 5 drivers ingoring 20mph signs, what hope is there for compliance?

Nottinghamshire County Council has launched a consultation to gather residents' views on limiting speeds on their estates - to make it safer for cyclists.

Specifically mentioning cycle safety, the council wants to introduce a 20mph speed limit to a number of roads in Mansfield.

The roads are currently set at the 30mph limit that is standard for built-up areas.

There would be signs across the areas to warn motorists of the new speed limit.

Senior improvements officer for Via Dale Swain said in a letter to residents seen by the Nottingham Post: "The purpose of the speed limit is to improve cyclist safety on designated cycle routes within this area and to encourage cycling within the wider area.

"Before proceeding further with the above proposals, I wish to consider the views of people and organisations who may be interested in this matter.

"Any observations on these proposals should reach me, in writing, either by letter or email."

The consultation will end on November 8th.

However earlier this year we reported how government speed compliance statistics for 2016 indicate that 81 per cent of car drivers exceeded the speed limit on 20mph roads, as did 80 per cent of light commercial vehicle drivers and 71 per cent of HGV drivers.

Between 2011 and 2016, there has actually been a gradual increase in compliance with speed limits for most vehicles on most roads.

Nevertheless, the figures indicate that 46 per cent of drivers exceeded the speed limit on motorways; 8 per cent exceeded the speed limit on national single carriageways; and 53 per cent exceeded the speed limit on 30mph roads.

It was also found that 15 per cent of drivers exceeded the 20mph limit by more than 10mph.

Neil Greig, director of policy and research at road safety charity IAM RoadSmart commented: “The main problem is clearly getting drivers to comply on the ever increasing number of roads in our towns and cities with a 20mph limit.

“IAM RoadSmart have always felt that blanket 20mph limits, enforced by signposts only, are simply not enough to convey the reason for slowing down to drivers.  Targeting the worst locations with traffic calming and other engineering features is a much more effective way to make 20mph limits self-enforcing.  Speed limits on roads with consistent compliance problems need to be reviewed more frequently.

“We must all work to make it easy to stick to the speed limit and our main concern is that widespread confusion over 20mph may be undermining a more general trend to slow down.”


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