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Video: Sorry Mate I Didn’t See You of the Day

Motorist says “look how big my car is” to argue there was minimal impact

A departure from our Near Miss of the Day feature today, in that this particular motorist didn’t miss. The explanation? “I feel like you’re the one that jumped in front of my car because I didn’t even see you.”

She may well feel that way, but watching the footage it’s hard to see how a cyclist could have just materialised in front of her on the otherwise empty A576/Gerald Road roundabout in Salford.

Video uploader David also said that he had two lights on the flash setting – one on the handlebars, one on his head.

In a tweet, he added:” She had a baby in the car too. You'd think that would be enough of a reason to pay attention to the road.”

David said that the collision left him with a sore back and buckled front and rear wheels.

Not that the driver admitted any fault.

“As soon as I saw you, I’ve stomped on my brakes. Look how big my car is. Really, if I’d have hit you with any impact, you would have been on the floor.”

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