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Cyclist flips Trump the bird as she joins motorcade procession

The woman had a very clear message for the climate change denier

A persistent cyclist with a message for the US President Donald Trump joined a motorcade transporting him to flip him the bird.

She managed to get close enough to ride alongside the presidential car while “peatedly extend[ing] her middle left finger towards POTUS,” according to pool reporters covering the event.


When the car stopped near the Virginia golf course, owned by the President, the cyclist was able to make sure her message was clear.

Steve Herman, bureau chief of Voice of America News, tweeted the report, writing "I just saw this happen as we left the Trump golf course in Sterling, Virginia.”


Trump’s record on climate change speaks volumes about his probable attitude to cyclists, which we also reported on a couple of years ago.

During his presidential campaign Trump said: "We won't be using a man like Secretary John Kerry, goes into a bicycle race at 72 years old and falls and breaks his leg. I won't be doing that."

In a second interview he's filmed saying of Kerry: "He's 73 years old and he goes into a bicycle race. He's got the helmet, the whole thing, he's negotiating a very important deal.

"You say John Kerry's a joke. No, he's a bicyclist, OK?"

"I don't want him on a bicycle during nuclear negotiations."

In one clip Trump puts his right hand up. "I swear to you I will never enter a bicycle race if I'm president," he says.


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