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11 things we've learned this week

Some more facts, figures and lessons we've learned from another week on two wheels.....

1. After hopes were somewhat high for safer cycling in London... it looks like we'll have to wait after all

London cyclists at Hyde Park Corner (copyright

The six new cycle routes announced by Transport for London (TfL) and Mayor of London Sadiq Khan earlier this week are unlikely to be delivered before 2023. London Assembly members expressed disappointment upon hearing the news. The press release announcing the schemes stated that the routes had been prioritised from a list of 25 drawn up by TfL in partnership with London boroughs as having the highest potential for encouraging more people to cycle.
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2. Oh dear... but good to see the moron responsible was dealt with accordingly 

Cyclist at level crossing (via Laughingcow on Twitter).JPG

A cyclist who was almost hit by a train after forcing his way through closed barriers at a level crossing in south west London has been fined £130. The London Evening Standard(link is external) reports that George Carasca pleaded guilty to one count of disobeying a safety notice or sign and one of obstructing an engine using the railway by an unlawful act.
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3. That's one way to sc-roo your ride

This latest collision in our 'cyclist taken out by kangaroos' series features the kangaroo landing on its feet and bounding off into the undergrowth, while the cyclist apparently fared less well. Ouch! 
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4. This will never make sense

UCI checking Tinkoff bike for hidden motor (source Facebook video still).JPG

Another motor doping case, this time in a category 3 race in France! The rider Cyril Fontaine, 43,  was caught using a hidden motor in a Category-3 race last October has received a five-year ban from racing, with the French Cycling Federation (FFC) finding him guilty of technological fraud. Why, just why!
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5. With so many twists and turns to the case, the damage to Chris Froome's reputation nay already have been done


The atest development is that the UCI is reportedly considering giving four-time Tour de France champion a provisional ban, following his adverse analytical finding at last year’s Vuelta for twice the permitted level of the anti-asthma drug, salbutamol. Though nothing has officially been done yet, the damage to reputation may already have been done to taint Froome's reputation as a clean rider.
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6. Most people seem to think the UK's driver insurance rules simply don't work

Near Miss of the Day 16 - Dorset Police.JPG

Our live blog exploded into life this week as we reported on a petition that has been launched suggesting that drivers with point on their licence should be obliged to have black box car insurance. Is this the only way to improve safety on the roads? It's an interesting talking point. 
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7. We need better clarification on what 'death by dangerous driving' equates to

Statue of Justice, Old Bailey (licensed CC BY 2.0 on Flickr by Ronnie Macdonald).jpg

Cycling UK has questioned the findings of a Reading Crown Court jury after a van driver was cleared of causing death by careless driving following a collision with a cyclist. Jeremiah O’Shea hit and killed Fred Dowling on Winkfield Road, Windsor on January 5, 2017, but claimed that he 'didn't see' Dowling because it was dark - Cycling UK questioned whether the same would have happened if the driver would have hit a pedestrian, saying the defence wasn't acceptable. 
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8. What a virtual fuss over nothing!

Zwift group workout

We reported on our live blog about Strava allowing Zwift rides to count towards challenges - cue anger, confusion and the 'just get outside' argument. Does any of this make any difference to how well you can ride a bike? Absolutely not, so whether you ride in all weathers or prefer to pedal away indoors, just get on with it! 
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9. You can't argue that discs are taking over now, no word of a lie...

3T Strada 1x Aqua Blue Norman Hansen - 2.jpg

3T can now boast a pro stage win for their Strada 1x disc aero road bike. The rim brake is dead! 
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10. Oh actually, wait a minute

SRAM S900 direct mount brake - 4.jpg

It appears Sram are still game, after the release of their first direct mount rim brake this week. Rejoice, rim brake fans! 
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11. No really, wait a minute...

rim brake.png

We received this subtle, anonymous protest through the post yesterday. Are discs to bikes what home taping was to music? Who knows, but this made us chuckle all the same. If you no who's responsible, let us know and we'll send them a pair of socks (and maybe some rotors). See you next week!
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