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“Ridiculous” jail sentence of drunk driver who killed cyclist to be reviewed

Nicholas Cutmore “could barely stand up straight” before getting into his car

The family of a cyclist who was killed in a hit and run by a drunk soldier have been told that the Attorney General is to review his sentence. Nicholas Cutmore was last month jailed for six years after being found guilty of causing the death of David Gunson by careless driving. CCTV footage showed him drinking five pints of Fosters and three Jagerbombs before getting into his car.

Cutmore was driving his Suzuki Swift along the A338 from Tidworth in the direction of Shipton Bellinger at approximately 10.05pm on December 22 2016 when he ploughed into the back of 65-year-old cyclist David Gunson, who was riding to work.

Cutmore, who had been consuming alcohol for most of the afternoon and early evening, fled the scene.

Forensic collision investigator Lucy Fair, said: "Not only did Cutmore get behind the wheel of his vehicle having consumed a considerable quantity of alcohol at his home address and at the local pub, he made off from the scene of the collision leaving Mr Gunson in the road with serious injuries, which tragically, he never recovered from.

"A police dog attended the scene and completed an area search with his handler and located personal property approximately 100 metres away, including a mobile phone and bank card belonging to Cutmore. These items were seized and the following day, Cutmore was arrested.

"He has shown no remorse for his actions and his not guilty plea meant the family of Mr Gunson were faced with a trial which lasted over a week and was no doubt extremely upsetting and distressing for them.

"Cutmore had no regard to the risk he posed to other road users, or to himself. He had a blood alcohol level of at least 155mg/100ml - the legal limit is 80mg/100ml. He was in no way fit to drive and in fact, those who saw him prior to the collision have told us he could barely stand up straight due to the level of alcohol he had consumed.”

Reacting to the sentence, Gunson's son Glen said: "If he'd had too much to drink and taken a weapon other than a car and killed somebody I'm pretty sure it would be manslaughter, so why is it not the same with a car?"

Judge Andrew Barnett added only a year to the minimum five-year prison sentence for causing death by careless driving while over the legal alcohol limit.

Describing the sentence as “ridiculous,” Gunson told the Daily Echo: “I don’t understand why when you have got a maximum sentence of 14 years, what more do you have to do to be given close to 14 years or 14 years?”

The family wrote to the Attorney General, which has confirmed it will consider the sentence under its Unduly Lenient Sentencing scheme.

The family are also awaiting a response from the army, after claiming Cutmore should have been stopped from driving out of the camp as he was drunk while at the garrison.

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